Zero to Genetic
Engineering Hero
The beginner’s guide to
programming bacteria at home,
school & in the makerspace
Justin Pahara and Julie Legault
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Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero
SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Genetics & Genomics
The world’s first beginner’s guide to genetic engineering
is here! With real-world hands-on activities,
Fundamentals , Going Deeper, and Pro-Tip sections, Zero
to Genetic Engineering Hero has different levels of depth
to meet the diverse learning goals of each learner. Are
you a hands-on or visual learner? Each chapter starts
with one or more activities to anchor the fundamental
concepts found in the other half of the chapter.
Fundamentals go into the theory behind the hands-on
experiences and cover the first principles of biology,
biochemistry, and genetic engineering.
Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero makes use of Amino
Labs’ made-for-beginners biotechnology ecosystem
to enable you to do real scientific exercises at home,
in class, or in a makerspace. Most importantly, you
don’t need any prior knowledge to get going. This fun
and engaging hands-on approach to learning genetic
engineering is not to disappoint! You can also skip
hands-on exercises and use this book to familiarize
yourself with the fundamentals of programming
bacteria. With fun analogies and 130+ color illustrations,
this book will guide you in understanding the practical
and theoretical concepts of genetic engineering, so you
too can become a Genetic Engineering Hero!
Take the Genetic Engineers’ Pledge
Set up your Genetic Engineering Hero space
Practice safe science
Isolate DNA, the blueprints of life
Complete genetic engineering of E.coli cells
Extract engineered proteins
Process chemicals with engineered enzymes
Manually turn on genes in your engineered organism
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ISBN: 9781680457162
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Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero
The beginners guide to programming bacteria
at home, school & in the makerspace
First Edition
Justin Pahara, Julie Legault
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Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero
By Justin Pahara and Julie Legault
Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero
Copyright © 2021 Justin Pahara and Julie Legault
All rights reserved.
Printed in USA.
Published by Make: Community LLC
150 Todd Road, Suite 200, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
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Publisher: Dale Dougherty
Illustrations: Julie Legault
Cover Design: Jason Babler
January 2021: First Edition
September 2021: Second Edition
57162 for release details.
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trademarks of Make: Community, LLC. The Make:
Community logo is a trademark of Make: Community
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in this book, and Make: Community, LLC was aware
of a trademark claim, the designations have been
printed in caps or initial caps. While the publisher and
the authors have made good faith efforts to ensure that
the information and instructions contained in this work
are accurate, the publisher and the authors disclaim all
responsibility for errors or omissions, including without
limitation responsibility for damages resulting from
the use of or reliance on this work. Use of the informa-
tion and instructions contained in this work is at your
own risk. If any code samples or other technology this
work contains or describes are subject to open source
licenses or the intellectual property rights of others,
it is your responsibility to ensure that your use thereof
complies with such licenses and/or rights.
Please address comments and questions concerning
this book to the publisher via postal mail, or via email
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Your safety is your responsibility, including proper use
of equipment and safety gear. Chemicals, ingredients,
biochemicals, electronics and other resources used for
these experiments are dangerous unless used properly
and with adequate precautions, including safety gear.
Safety precautions outlined in this book, including guide-
lines on how to set up your experiment space, must
be followed. Some illustrations and photos do not depict
safety precautions or equipment in order to show the experi-
ment steps more clearly. These experiments are not intend-
ed for use by anyone under 12 years old. Adult supervision
is recommended.
Use of the instructions and suggestions in Zero to Ge-
netic Engineering Hero is at your own risk. The publishers,
the authors, and the technology manufacturers disclaim all
responsibility for any resulting damage, injury, or expense.
It is your responsibility to make sure that your activities
comply with applicable laws, including copyright.
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