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Chapter 1

Where to Locate Germany on the (Economic) World Map

Geography and Population

(Industry) Clusters and the Relevance of the Mittelstand

Regional Peculiarities

Chapter 2

What You Should Know About (Our) History

Be Aware of Biased Viewpoints

Patchwork Central Europe and the Power of the Church

“Great” Wars and the (First) German Nation

Nazi Germany and the Preliminaries of the Second World War

The Two Germanys of 1949–1990 and Beyond

Chapter 3

What You Should Know About Our Economy

Labor Market and Employment

Things We Are (Especially) Good At

Talents We Might Lack

“Made in Germany” and the Dual Education System

The Relevance of Chambers and Trade Associations

How We (Like to) Spend Our Money

Chapter 4

What (Else) Makes People in Germany Tick?

What We Vote for (in Life): Current Issues in Politics

What We (Like to) Take for Granted: Security, Structures, and Status

What We Trust in: Plans, Rules, and Clear-cut Directions

What We (Try to) Teach Our Kids: Manners and Common Habits

Chapter 5

How to Talk to Germans

How Culture Matters: Let’s (not just) Cut the Small Talk

Be Aware: Things (that) Could Get Lost in Translation

Chapter 6

What to Expect in Typical Business Encounters

What You Should Know About German Trade Shows

How to Arrange for (Sales) Meetings

What to Consider for Face-to-Face Presentations and Online Meetings

RFPs, Quotes, and Negotiations: How to Close the Deal with Germans

Chapter 7

How to Maintain (Cordial) Business Relationships

What the Average German Understands by “Good” Relationship

Varied Interpretations of the Term “Hospitality”



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