As with any book of this nature, there are many people who have provided data, reports on surveys, and help and support throughout the process of bringing such diverse material together.

As a regular writer for Silver Travel Advisor, this was the starting point for my research into the mature travel market, so I am indebted to Debbie Marshall for her support and for giving me access to the latest Silver Travel Report, as well as previous surveys and reports. Others who offered insights into the mature sector include the following:

Salvatore Maniscalco, from Ramblers Cruise & Walk Holidays/Adagio

Paul Johnson, from the Luxury Travel Blog

Lauren Williams, from the Brighter Group, for suggesting a link with one of their clients, Rocky Mountaineer

Tessa Day, from Rocky Mountaineer, for checking that the information is up to date

Sarah Locke, from Titan Travel, with their excellent Trends 2020 publication

Dawn Walters, for some insights into the Oddfellows Travel Club

Tour operators, such as The Aurora Zone and SmoothRed, who offer packages ideally suited to the mature traveler (based on trends identified)

Gina Dolecki, from USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association), with one of their latest press releases on travel trends from their member survey

There were also several people who provided more detailed information on marketing to the mature traveler, including

Tim Bond, from the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), with some excellent reports on customer engagement and Responsible Marketing

Jeremy, from ATTEST, for access to several reports, including their 2019 Travel Report and the 2019 Trends Across Generations

ADARA Traveler 360 report on Rugby World Cup Fan Travel Insights and discussions about personalization and customer loyalty

Sarah Hein, from Wish Trip, with information on collecting data around visitors’ experiences

Jasman Ahmad, from Accord, regarding advertising to mature sectors

Lisa Targett, from TRIBE re Brands

Thanks also go to lots of online sources, of course, particularly the following, where data and/or images have been found. is an excellent resource, with some charts that can be downloaded free, some brief details about international statistics plus some excellent paid-for detailed reports that give still further insights into what is happening worldwide—an excellent source of photographs (Unsplash, 2020)

Office for National Statistics UK (ONS)

U.S. Travel Association (

The Bibliography section lists many sources of further information, but I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who have contributed in some way, whether you are included in the preceding list or not. Thank you!

Dr Jacqueline Jeynes, 2020

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