About the Author

Dr Jacqueline Jeynes PhD, MBA, BEd(Hons), BA(Hons)

Dr Jeynes is the author of a range of nonfiction titles based on her experience in several business and creative sectors.

She is a travel writer with a focus on mature travel sectors covering tour packages, travel and accommodation, food and wine, theater, and entertainment. She regularly writes reviews for Silver Travel Advisor plus full-scale reports (3,000 words) on particular destinations, hotel chains, and as part of press trips for tour operators.

She has published a travel book Walking Wales: The Art Lover’s Guide to Wye Valley Way as part of a series and is currently working on a two-part series of books A Meander through Wales using bus, train, and on foot, which is directly related to the current move to reduce an individual’s carbon footprint.

Her books include Practical Health and Safety Management for Small Firms as well as academic titles such as 10 Principles of Risk Management, based on her PhD that covers these sectors. She was awarded Specialist Business Adviser of the Year from the Institute of Business Advisers and Writer of the Year (Non-fiction) from Writing Magazine.

Dr Jeynes has worked with several universities, as a tutor on Durham University distance learning MBA and as a tutor for Aston University Business degree students on their one-year industry placement. This program includes students preparing an individual study of a business problem, using academic theory to analyze it, then saying how useful the theory actually is in the real world, thus covering a wide range of industry sectors.

Since 1987 she has been running her own management training consultancy, writer, and a tutor for degree level distance learning modules for Aberystwyth University and the Open College of the Arts.

She is an Authority member and book reviewer for the Non-Fiction Author’s Association (NFAA) and started her own small publishing company in 2015 acting as editor and publisher. She lives in Wales with her husband Leslie.

Contact: [email protected]

Website: www.jacquelinejeynes.com; www.pencoedpublishing.co.uk

www.twitter.com/jackiepencoed; www.facebook.com/jacquelinejeynes

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