Symptom: There are thin “hairs” sticking out from the side of your prints causing stringing. (Figure 5-21)
Reason: Too much filament is coming out of the nozzle when the nozzle moves to a new place, leaving a
small trail of material behind.
Solution: There are usually two interconnected reasons why this happens. If you are printing your
filament at too high a temperature, the filament will ooze out of the nozzle too quickly, leaving a trail. The
solution to that would be to decrease your temperature. There is also a setting in most slicer programs
that is called “retraction.” This reverses the filament back into the nozzle a slight distance before moving
the nozzle to a new place, thus helping to prevent stringing. Either enabling retraction or choosing a slightly
longer retraction distance can help eliminate this hair-effect. (Unless you like that look:)
Hopefully these common errors discussed in this chapter will be the majority of what you might encoun-
ter in trying to troubleshoot your failed prints. If you need more information, we encourage you to watch
our online educational videos, reach out to people in the user forums, seek advice from the online printing
groups and watch videos on YouTube about your specific issue. Keep reading to learn more about resin
printers and how they work!
FIGURE 521: Thin hairs appearing between the peaks of this small mountain
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77 Chapter 6: Understanding Resin Printers
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