What You’ll Learn

No one has a more significant impact on your employees’ day-to-day experience than you, their manager. A great boss—someone who is supportive, helpful, proactive, and thoughtful—is a joy to work for. A bad one . . . well, as the saying goes, people don’t leave companies because of their jobs.

But what separates so-so managers from next-level bosses? Maybe you know how to read a P&L, set and implement strategy, and hire new team members. But do you know how to develop trusting relationships with your employees? Can you create a culture where failing is an opportunity to learn? Does your feedback give employees a clear path toward their goals? Are you the kind of boss people want to work for?

Whether you are new to managing or have been leading a team for years, this guide will help you go beyond the basics so that you can help every employee thrive.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Motivate and engage your team
  • Build a culture of trust and psychological safety
  • Meet the needs of both B players and stars
  • Support employees struggling with mental health issues
  • Share—and receive—useful feedback
  • Help people find purpose in their work
  • Ensure employees from all backgrounds feel welcome
  • Keep in-office and remote workers connected and productive
  • Get underperformers back on track
  • Be authentically yourself
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