This book was made possible by many people who were instrumental in my career. In 1991, while my wife Marjorie was at home with our three young children, I left a secure partnership in an established law firm to pursue my dream of creating my own labor and employment law practice. Thankfully, the late Steve Beeley, President of the Utah Employers Council, stepped in. Despite his outspoken antipathy to lawyers and the legal system, Steve took a liking to this “somewhat tolerable young lawyer.” His introductions created the foundation of my new firm. My regret is that I never fully expressed my gratitude before an automobile accident tragically cut short Steve’s life.

As monumental as Steve’s contributions were, others played extremely helpful roles. Undoubtedly, the passage of time and the imperfections of my memory will produce important omissions. Nevertheless, here’s a list of those I can recall in alphabetical order: Lois Baar, Jim Barrett, Debbie Bell, Cate Burns, Dan Cooper, Larry Ferguson, Dan Miller, Lloyd Fishman, Jim Greenbaum, Pam Hitt, Mark Holland, Elaine House, Paul Jones, Louonna Kachur, Rod Lacey, Eleanor Lovland, Charlotte Miller, Roy Montclair, Rob Moore, George Myers, Max Neves, Mike O’Brien, Scott Parson, Carol Bales Schnipper, Rich Stayner, Bob Waggoner, Monica Whalen and Darin Wilson. I also include two others who are no longer with us: Mike Walton, whose brilliance was as outsized as his heart, and Don Wheeler, as kind a human being as you could ever meet.

In addition to those who’ve helped me build a rewarding professional practice, others have been very helpful in improving and refining my written work. They include: Hera Arsen, Maria Danaher, Christina Folz, Howard Heitner, Jim Isaacson, Raphael Janove, Stephen S. Power, Allen Smith and Robert White.

Words escape my feelings of gratitude. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

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