An array of people deserve and have my appreciation for their aid in making this book possible. Several of my academic colleagues read and provided perceptive comments on the entire manuscript in its initial draft form, greatly strengthening the subsequent version. They are Gus Levine, Doug Kenrick, Art Beaman, and Mark Zanna. In addition, the first draft was read by a few family members and friends—Richard and Gloria Cialdini, Bobette Gorden, and Ted Hall—who offered not only much-needed emotional support but insightful substantive commentary as well.

A second, larger group provided helpful suggestions for selected chapters or groups of chapters: Todd Anderson, Sandy Braver, Catherine Chambers, Judy Cialdini, Nancy Eisenberg, Larry Ettkin, Joanne Gersten, Jeff Goldstein, Betsy Hans, Valerie Hans, Joe Hepworth, Holly Hunt, Ann Inskeep, Barry Leshowitz, Darwyn Linder, Debbie Littler, John Mowen, Igor Pavlov, Janis Posner, Trish Puryear, Marilyn Rall, John Reich, Peter Reingen, Diane Ruble, Phyllis Sensenig, Roman Sherman, and Henry Wellman.

Certain people were instrumental at the beginning stages. John Staley was the first publishing professional to recognize the project’s potential. Jim Sherman, Al Goethals, John Keating, and Dan Wegner provided early, positive reviews that encouraged author and editors alike. William Morrow and Company’s then president, Larry Hughes, sent a small but enthusiastic note that fortified me importantly for the task that lay ahead. Last and hardly least, Maria Guarnaschelli believed with me from the start in the book I wanted to write. It is to her editorial credit that the finished product remains that book, much improved. For her insightful direction and her potent efforts in the book’s behalf, I am most grateful.

In addition, I would be remiss if I did not recognize the skill and efficiency of Sally Carney at manuscript preparation and the sound counsel of my attorney, Robert Brandes.

Finally, throughout the project, no one was more on my side than Bobette Gorden, who lived every word with me.

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