This volume could not have happened without the leadership and support of the series editors of the Handbooks of Communication Science, Peter J. Schulz and Paul Cobley. Likewise, the able and determined work of Barbara Karlson at De Gruyter Mouton has kept this handbook on track. This handbook represents a mountain of work.

Tatsiana Karaliova, now at Butler University, largely managed the day-to-day duties on this volume. Her hard work, eye for detail, and passion for the project has made this a far better volume than it otherwise would have been. Others at the University of Missouri School of Journalism have aided in the book, notably Joseph Moore and Carlos A. Cortés-Martínez. Meanwhile, Liz Nichols performed excellent copy editing services.

The 37 authors who have had a hand in writing the chapters of this volume are truly exceptional scholars. They have produced intellectual work that is creative, thought provoking, and forward looking. They value the practice of journalism and care about the field of journalism studies. This comes through in the careful scholarship we see in this volume. A few of the authors ended up writing their chapters on very short notice after colleagues needed to step back from the project. The quality of work certainly did not suffer. Likewise, this handbook has been much improved by the thorough and insightful work of more than two-dozen anonymous reviewers. Reviewers provided probing questions and well considered suggestions. As is often the case in academia, it takes much selfless work to create collective success.

All of which is to say, many have had a hand to producing this handbook and making sure it is a valuable contribution to the field of journalism studies. During this work, I have been inspired by my colleagues, both at Missouri and in the broader community of journalism studies, who maintain a passion for theoretically rich and compelling scholarship. I have also been inspired by the men and women who practice journalism in the face of difficult circumstances. Reporting, writing, editing, and other forms of journalistic labor are far too often under appreciated. My inspiration was to produce a handbook that did justice to the passion and professionalism of journalists and journalism scholars around the world.

Finally, my family is an unending source of inspiration. I have been blessed to be close to intelligent and creative family members. Suzette, Trevor, and Ethan Vos have both literally and figuratively cajoled me up mountains. A mountain of work, it turns out, can also be a labor of love.

Columbia, Missouri, December 2017

Tim P. Vos

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