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Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bead Crafts

Amy Kopperude is an artist, graphic designer, and editor living in York, Pennsylvania. She grew up in Minnesota among talented family members who supported her creative growth from an early age. Amy is an avid crafter who likes to dabble in all kinds of media and especially enjoys working with small, intricate pieces. She has been creating and designing with beads for many years and occasionally teaches beading workshops for kids and teens. She is also the author of Bead Bugs: Cute, Creepy, and Quirky Projects to Make with Beads, Wire, and Fun Found Objects.

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Braiding & Knotting

Sherri Haab is an award-winning, best-selling craft book author, with more than thirty books published to date. She has several DVDs and has appeared on many television networks including HGTV, DIY, JTV, PBS, and local programs. As a certified metal clay instructor, she leads numerous craft and jewelry-making workshops internationally. With her talent for trend spotting and product development, she is known worldwide as an innovator in the craft industry. Her work includes books for children and adults and her own line of craft supplies. She and her husband, Dan, live in Saratoga Springs, Utah. www.sherrihaab.com

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Crochet

Deborah Burger is the author of Crochet 101 and How to Make 100 Crochet Appliqués. She has been teaching crochet for more than 20 years through Girl Scouting, various community centers, summer camps, yarn shops, and the John C. Campbell Folk School. She is active in the online community Ravelry and has written articles and patterns for Interweave Crochet and the e-zines, Crochet Insider and Crochet Uncut. Deb and her musician/potter husband, Don, are the parents of seven grown children and have several grandchildren, most of whom also crochet. In addition to crochet, Deb enjoys knitting, embroidery, painting, fiber sculpture, gardening, performing folk music, and reading.

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting

Mary Scott Huff lives in Fairview, Oregon, and teaches knitting all over the United States. Mary designs knitwear, writes books, blogs, and generally pursues a yarn-centered existence, in a little red house shared with her husband, two children, and two Scottish terriers. Join Mary in her adventures playing with string at www.maryscotthuff.com.

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Sewing

Janith Bergeron, proprietress of Designs by Janith, founded in 1991, specializes in creating beautiful, custom-designed garments. She teaches classes at various sewing-related businesses and schools, striving to bring fun into every stitch and a sense of accomplishment into every project. Janith founded the New Hampshire chapter of the American Sewing Guild in 2001. A Master Certified Sewing Educator-SEA (2008), a Trained Sewing Educator/S&CA since 2002, and a 4-H educator/leader, Janith has been a contributor to Threads magazine’s Pattern Review since 2003. Janith lives in Barrington, New Hampshire.

Christine Ecker began sewing as a young child with her grandmother. Christine is primarily self-taught, and her sewing interests include specialty dresses, costumes, children’s clothes, home decor, crafts, bags, and machine embroidery. As the owner of Stolen Time Creations, Christine worked closely with a local New Hampshire designer creating one-of-a-kind handbags. Christine was an active member of the board for the New Hampshire chapter of the American Sewing Guild. She has been a Trained Sewing Educator/S&CA since 2004. Christine lives in Dover, New Hampshire with her husband and four children. Bella and Freddy Ecker served as hand models for the sewing steps.

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