Why do we infuse spirits? Infusing alcohol adds an extra depth of flavor to really bring out the ingredients in a drink. It also allows us to subtly add ingredients that would be very difficult to mix with. Infusing at home is easy and can be a great way to impress guests at your next cocktail party.


1 sealable jar

1 liquid measuring cup

1 strainer

1 labeled bottle to store your infusion

Base spirit

Flavoring of choice


1. Measure out your base spirit, then measure out your ingredients and add to the jar. For 16 fl oz (500ml) rosemary gin use 4–5 fresh rosemary sprigs.


2. Fill the jar with your base spirit and seal tightly. Leave the mixture to infuse at room temperature for the correct amount of time. Rosemary gin needs 3 hours to infuse.


3. When finished infusing, strain the liquid into a bottle. Use a cup with a lip to ensure accuracy—your liquid measuring cup from earlier will work well.


4. Label the bottle and seal your infusion tightly if you’re not using it right away. To maximize shelf life, store your infusion in the fridge. It’s best to use it within a month.

SpiritInfusionQuantitiesInfusion time
This spirit works especially well with herbal and floral infusions.
Lavender Gin (see Lavender 75)7 fl oz (200ml) gin 2 sprigs dried lavender3 hours
Rose petal Gin (see Rose 75) 7 fl oz (200ml) gin 1/8 oz (5g) dried rose petals3 hours
A great choice for infusions, as the base spirit is relatively flavorless.
Citrus and Rose Vodka (see English Summer Rose)16 fl oz (500ml) vodka 2/5 oz (12.5g) dried rose petals Peels of 1 orange, 1 lemon, 1 lime, and 1 grapefruitCitrus peels for 1.5 hours, then remove; dried roses for the full 3 hours
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