The Same, but Completely Different

Managing your career when hundreds of hopes and pressures and intentions are attached to every sphere of your life.

by Daisy Dowling, Series Editor

Section 1

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Take Stock and Set Your Vision

1. How to Build a Meaningful Career

Do legacy and freedom trump salary and prestige for you?

by Amy Gallo

2. Work + Home + Community + Self

Don’t balance. Integrate.

by Stewart D. Friedman

Section 2

Be All Ears

Get Feedback

3. Get the Feedback You Need

Check your perception to learn and grow.

by Carolyn O’Hara

4. The Family 360 Review

Find new ways to connect and communicate.

by Scott Edinger

Section 3

Choose Your Own Adventure

Set Goals and Make Career Choices

5. Increase the Odds of Achieving Your Goals by Setting Them with Your Family

A different type of family planning.

by Jackie Coleman and John Coleman

6. Flex Work, Part-Time, and Laterals, Oh My!

Adventures in alternative work arrangements.

by Michele Benton

7. Winning Support for Flexible Work

Propose something that works for you—and your org.

by Amy Gallo

8. Make Part-Time Work for You

One mom’s story of juggling a career with three kids.

An Interview with Kristin McElderry by Amy Gallo

9. How to Decide Whether to Relocate for a Job

Assess the impact on your family.

by Rebecca Knight

Section 4

Without GPS

Navigate on and off the Career Ramp

10. When You’re Leaving Your Job Because of Your Kids

Transition from one role to the next with grace.

by Daisy Dowling

11. Ramp Up Your Career After Parental Leave

First, decide what you want.

by Lisa Quest

Section 5

All in the Family

Manage Relationships

12. Bring All of Your Identities to Work

CEO, mentor, partner, parent, child (and personal chef, party planner, mediator).

by Carrie Kerpen

13. How Dual-Career Couples Make It Work

Curiosity, communication, and initiation.

by Jennifer Petriglieri

14. Being a Two-Career Couple Requires a Long-Term Plan

Design your vision together.

by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

15. A Guide to Balancing Eldercare and Career

When no one throws you a “your mom broke her hip” party.

by Liz O’Donnell

Section 6

Don’t Go It Alone

Get Support

16. Working Parents Need a “Parenting Posse”

Find your tribe.

by Alison Beard

17. Create Your Own Personal Board of Directors

Assemble trusted advisers for every aspect of your life.

by Priscilla Claman

18. Making Time for Networking as a Working Parent

Maintain connections.

by David Burkus


To Infinity, and Beyond!

19. What I Learned About Working Parenthood After My Kids Grew Up

It happens just as fast as people say.

by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox


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