Writing a book has many layers with the hope that each layer adds clarification and depth to the project. No layer can be rushed; it takes time to write meaningful and easy-to-read content.

Money Mindset is what it is today because of countless people who committed their time and energy to bring this book into reality. I could not have done it alone. I have great appreciation to all those who contributed to this enormous project. Thank you so very much to everyone who listened to my early vision of Money Mindset and believed in the project.

Of all the people in the world, no one has believed in me or supported me more than my high school sweetheart, and now wife, Sara Gold. Her neverending source of joy, love, and happiness is the fountain from which I get strength. Sara has given me countless gifts, but none greater than our three healthy children.

I dedicate this book to my children Kelvin, Savanna, and Bella so they can take the wisdom contained in the book and apply it to their lives. Money does not bring happiness; you must find it within yourselves. Having financial wisdom, though, will help provide a financial game plan that can create financial stability so you can focus your attention on aspects of your life that are most important to you. I once heard that all we are to our children are memories. My hope is that your memories of me are filled with love, devotion, and valuable life lessons.

To my parents, Bill and Sharon Gold, thank you for giving me life and for supporting me unconditionally. I often tell people that my mother taught me to love and my father taught me how to work and manage money. Thank you for giving me all the tools I have needed to reach my dreams. I am proud of our heritage and grateful to be your son. I love you both very much.

Life has thrown my family many unexpected challenges, none greater than the loss of my big brother, Kelvin William Gold II. He will forever be remembered in my heart and I will forever look after and love his wife, Jill, and son, Wyatt.

To Jill Gold: Your strength, devotion and love for Wyatt has inspired me to become a better person. I admire everything about you and cherish our relationship. I love you JMOG.

To Wyatt Gold: Words can’t express how proud I am of you. Everytime I see you, you remind me more and more of your father. Your father always has and always will be my personal hero. You possess all of his outstanding qualities, and then some. I’ve enjoyed watching you grow up and can’t wait to be a continued part of your life. You can always count on me. I love you buddy.

To Dr. Lisa Gold: Thank you for helping me understand the psychological aspects of decision making and how it can impact one’s life. You are the best big sister I could have ever asked for and I will always cherish the memories of our youth, especially “baby bird.” I love you.

To Mike Gold, founder of Gold Law Partners, LLP: Thank you for counseling me on the best ways to communicate the importance of estate planning. Taking a complicated topic and breaking it down in an easy-to-follow format is a testament to your knowledge of your field. Thank you also for being my big brother and always looking out for me. Even though we live on opposite ends of the country, I cherish every opportunity to see you. Our moments together always take me back to the wonderful adventures we had as boys. Love you, big bro.

Thanks, love, and gratitude go to my in-laws, John and Sandy Whaley. Thank you for creating and raising your dear daughter, Sara. I never take her for granted and will always devote my life to her happiness.

To my team at Jacob Gold & Associates, Inc., that supports me in providing investment strategies and financial guidance to all of my clients: Thank you to Sherry Kowitz, who has been with me since 2003, for devoting your professional life to my well-being. Your willingness to support the firm in any way needed has helped build the firm to what it is today. To Ida Chaidez, I could not imagine a sweeter person to greet all my clients as they call or visit the office. To Michael Cochell, it’s remarkable how similar we are. I have enjoyed working together and enjoy our deep philosophical discussions early in the morning before the rest of the team arrives. Your insights and opinions were carefully crafted into the message of Money Mindset. To Dave Scheur, you are a valuable business partner and a wonderful single father. Thank you for believing in me and the vision I have for the firm. Together we will accomplish great things. Your talent for breaking down processes to improve efficiencies has benefited this book and the firm.

To my clients: Thank you for entrusting me to be your financial planner; it is a responsibility that I take very seriously. My hope is that you feel special and cared for every time we communicate. It is an honor getting to know your story and helping you accomplish your financial goals. Please know that my team and I will always put our best foot forward to help you in any way we can.

To Maggie Dietrich at Voya Financial: Several years ago, I was approached to join a team of four independent financial planners who would be later named Voya Retirement Coaches. The team would be the voice of the independent financial planner for the Voya Financial Advisors broker dealer. I am proud to be associated with that team, with you as our leader. Thank you for believing in Money Mindset and for helping me find my inner voice. As editor of Money Mindset, you have polished my writing and have helped appropriately frame my ideology. Your insights, creativity, loyalty, and devotion are extremely inspiring.

To Sydney LeBlanc, my writing coach and collaborator: Without you this project would have never gotten to paper, it would still be floating around in my head. Thank you for your patience with me as I was figuring out my message. When we first met, I felt that you were a special soul and that we would work well together. Fast-forward to present day, and I am glad that I trusted my intuition: You are everything I hoped and more. Thank you, Syd!

To Doug Coté, Chief Market Strategist at Voya Investment Management: Thank you for agreeing to write such an impactful foreword to Money Mindset. I have found your economic forecasts to be accurate and very insightful. Your perspective on tectonic shifts within the energy field was extremely helpful as I was researching the economic impact of North America becoming energy independent. Thank you showing interest in my literary works and wanting to contribute your insights.

To Neal Thompson, President of Thompson Wealth Management, thank you for contributing your energy to this project. Ever since we first met at Horizon High School, I knew you were a person who was going places. You and I both were trained and taught by one of the best in our industry—my father. Keep up the great work, buddy!

To Joe O’Boyle, thank you for taking a personal interest in my book and me. After reading the first three chapters of Money Mindset, your comments reshaped the way I looked at the message I was trying to portray. Your keen insights clearly showed me that you live your life by design, not by default. I respect that and look forward to finding ways to work together more in the future.

To Larry Divers of Cannon Financial Institute, you are an inspiration. Your insight and knowledge of the financial industry are woven into Money Mindset. Our conversations throughout the years inspired me to relook at some financial concepts that I had taken for granted long ago. You revived me and inspired me to create something that will have lasting impact for future generations.

To Larry Winget, The Pitbull of Personal Development®: Meeting you while appearing in studio for FOX Business was a momentous occasion in my overall career. Since then, you have taken me under your wing to coach and guide me in promoting my brand and literary works. Thank you Larry.

Richard Earle: Back in 2013, as we were diving into our usual philosophical conversations, you planted a seed for the original concept of Money Mindset. It was in that moment, you shared with me the notion of looking at money as an energy source. Thank you, my friend, for expanding my universe of thinking.

To Creighton Barker: Thank you for an ever-evolving friendship that I respect and cherish. As boys we played together and thought about our future. Today, we still play but we now talk of our kids’ future. You should be proud of the man you are and for the family you are raising. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life and for keeping me out of trouble when we were boys.

Special thanks also go to Paul Barker, Ronnie Metcalf, Brownie Sides, Nancy Sides, Buddy Gore, Larry Rosenthal, Kevin Carter, Avi Kantor, Jim Underhill, Sam Head, Wendy Preston, Wyatt Gold, Melissa Levin, Patty Barker, Doug Cote, James Nichols, Julie Cooney, Holly Kylen, Marilyn Timbers, Amy Hillman, Tom Bates, Jeanne Elliott, Ashleigh Leite, Marisa Folz, Nancy Mailhot, Teresa Bossone, Mike Egan, Karyn Cavanaugh, Russ Wiles, Rich Linton, Rod Martin, Marty Matyas, Lynne Smith, Tom Hollaran, Mike Berry, Victor Acca, Nancy Bocella, Irene McKenna, Scott Brown, Jon Lara, Cynthia Almanza, Ellen Anderson, Ram Kajal, Adam Hiniker, Tom Habicht, Todd Taylor, Nikki Taylor, Dean Gilderoy, Don Roberts, Eric Kohler, Tina Edwards Christy Hiniker, Melissa Barker, Owen Barker, Mark Reicks, Felicia Chaidez, Jeff Young, Marci Young, Joe Brunsman, Rick Williamson, Trip Metcalf, Pace Barker, Kim Pomeroy Furphy, Glenn Thomas, Wil Everts, Matt Richards, Mark Whaley, Jeff Whaley, Jason Moyes, Sean Graham, Andra Rail, Desmond Barker, Bill Hiniker, Norma Marquez Escarcega, Oscar Escobar Marquez, Chris Tousley, Dave Pagano, Sam Wright, Derek Sroufe, Donna Wright, Octavio Martinez, Ryan Hatch, Greg Horsley, Octavio Marquez, Daniela Marquez, Chad Partington, Scott Pasmore, David Greene, Jeff Rattiner, Julee Grovert, Spencer Metcalf, Dennis Knudsen, Laurel Sroufe, Brett McAvoy, Frank Moskowitz, Luke Kayyem, Ray Boone, Tammy Boone, Richard Shields, Rob Dolman, Patrick Rail, Gary Mizell, Joanne Mizell, Jason Grovert, Kevin Stych, Karl Lindberg, Jill Gold, Dave Wagner, Pete Pallagi, Mckay Ensign, Algis Montiejunas, Nahin Sanchez, Joe Chavez, Joe McDonald, Todd Gatzulis, Richard Earle, Gary Mandel, James Flesner, Luke Sine, Zach Gold, Max Gold, Lily Gold, Brittany Gold, Christina Brunsman, Rob Cope, Tim Tyree, Doug Shaffer, Jacob McDonald, Chase McDonald, Matthew Cope, Rudy Ruybal, Laura Prichard, Scott Holmes, Gary Beier, June Beier, Amy Beier, Charles Beier, Linda Latz, Marty Latz, Tammy Ruybal, Teri McDonald, Christina Brunsman, Jacob Cope, Bryon Allen, Lori Cope, Connor Brunsman, Marc Leach, Voya Financial, Vanguard Group and W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

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