I first would like to thank my wife Tricia, the rock of the Barker family, for all her support over many years with my passion for baking, which borders on obsession! Without her, I certainly would not be the person I am today.

The second person I owe a debt of gratitude to is my late father Ted. He allowed me the freedom to make my own path in life, supporting me whenever the need arose. Dad installed many great values in me that I continue use in my personal and work life. He was proud of all my achievements and was “tickety boo” to learn that this book was to be published. Unfortunately Dad passed away before the book was completed, so his memory will forever carry on within these words.

I would like to dedicate this book to you, Dad.

I also would like to thank Jonathan Simcosky and the team at Quarry Books for investing time to fully appreciate the rationale behind my Naturally Fermented Bread idea and for their commitment to evolve the idea into this beautifully presented book. Considering we reside on different continents, I think a fantastic result has been achieved. And finally, big thanks go to Joanna Goode for her stunning photography.


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