What Science Says About Special Foods

Are there any good diets out there? In this part, we explore the most popular diets and look at their strengths and weaknesses, along with their impact on health. You’ll also learn how foods obtain “superfood” status, and we’ll examine the specific nutrients that make them super.

In this part, we’ll also take a look into common farm and ranch practices for growing and raising
foods, and the ways animals are handled. We’ll investigate the use of antibiotics and growth
hormones, along with policies and regulations that control them. Additionally, you’ll learn about sustainable food practices, aquaculture, and various systems’ environmental impacts.

Alcohol and coffee are always in the news and in everyone’s hands. Are they beneficial to health or harmful? A review of the risks and benefits of this type of controversial foods will be explored. Additionally, we’ll discuss the consumption of alcohol in healthy individuals, and also the risk it poses for heart disease and breast cancer.

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