About the Author

Helene von Magius Møgelhøj is an expert advisor and speaker on sustainable tourism, hospitality, and economic development. She has over 20 years of international experience gained across the private, public, and third sectors. Her extensive knowledge and skills cover a broad spectrum of key issues ranging from tourism strategy formulation to sustainable destination planning and from assessment of financial viability to enhancing destination competitiveness.

Helene’s specialist areas of expertise include:

Sustainable urban and coastal resort planning, economic development, and strategy, including sustainability certification and environmental auditing.

Market research, analysis, benchmarking, and product development as well as organizational and operational reviews.

Business planning, financial appraisal, evaluation, and operational reviews.

Program and project management with the ability to work to budget and tight timescales throughout the lifecycle from conceptualization through to design and implementation.

Proactive public and private sector stakeholder engagement, influencing, communication, and partnership development.

Facilitation of business and knowledge transfer networks for the tourism, hospitality, and environmental sectors to stimulate business growth and innovation.

Previously, Helene worked as destination development manager for the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), where she managed a comprehensive tourism development program for the Hastings and Bexhill area on the Sussex coast in England. She worked closely with the knowledge base developing the tourism-related curriculum with University of Brighton as well as supervising a PhD student and dedicated tourism researcher with the aim of building the tourism evidence base.

Prior to that Helene was a senior consultant at PKF carrying out a wide range of tourism, hotel, and leisure assignments in destinations as far flung as South Africa and Oman as well as Europe and in the United Kingdom.

Helene is a fellow of the Tourism Society.

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