Appendix: Node-RED User Community

Node-RED is still evolving as an open source tool. Behind the scenes, not only the creators of Node-RED but also its many users are a big force in shaping the tool and contributing to it.

I believe that the user market of Node-RED will grow even more in the future. Here, we will introduce the user community; please do actively participate in the user community, whether you are just starting to use Node-RED or have already been using it for some time.

Node-RED Community Slack

In Node-RED’s Slack, creators and users talk about various topics. You can also give feedback to the Node-RED core team.

In addition, the number of channels that support local languages is gradually increasing, so anyone can easily enjoy the conversation:

Node-RED Forum

The Node-RED Forum gives you support from users or creators on technical issues and development topics. You will get more benefit from it when used in conjunction with the Slack channel mentioned previously:

Japan User Group

This is a Node-RED user community for Japan, which Taiji, the author of this book, belongs to and organizes. Its representative is Atsushi Kojo of Uhuru. The information provided is mainly in Japanese, but recently the number of participants from outside Japan have increased, and communication in English can also be found. Once a year, we also have a global Node-RED conference called Node-RED Con:

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