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image Mike Smithwick's slow descent into programming computers began when he first got a little 3-bit plastic DigiComp 1 computer in 1963 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digi-Comp_I). Not too long before that, he got interested in planetariums. Eventually he graduated to programming NASA flight simulator graphics through the 1980s. But what he really wanted to do was become a syndicated cartoonist (really!). Failing to get any syndication deals, he wrote and sold the popular Distant Suns planetarium program for the Commodore Amiga, old-school Mac, and Microsoft Windows while selling himself as a contract programmer on the side, working for Apple, 3DO, Sense-8, and Epyx. Eventually he landed a “real” job at Live365, working on client software Windows and Windows Mobile 6, TiVo, Symbian (ahhh…Symbian…), and iPhone. After 13 short years he decided to go back to the dark side of contracting, writing, and working on Distant Suns for the iPhone after it became modest success in the App Store. Sometimes late at night, he thinks he can hear his Woz-autographed Apple II sobbing for attention from the garage. He may be contacted via www.distantsuns.com, lazyastronomer on AIM, and @distantsuns or @lazyastronomer on Twitter.

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