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For nearly two decades, the name Delatorro McNeal, II has been synonymous with high achievement, excellence, infectious energy, and transformational content. As a best-selling author, global keynote speaker, and peak performance expert, Delatorro has set the stage and created platforms for people from all walks of life. His work ethic, experience, wisdom, testimony, and ability to create life analogies make him one of the most respected experts in the personal development industry.

Del has spoken in forty-nine of the fifty US states and abroad, delivering more than four thousand presentations over the past twenty years. He has presented to major corporations, professional associations, annual conventions, pro sports teams, churches, and leadership conferences. Notable clients include Johnson & Johnson, New York Life, JP Morgan Chase, Prudential, and the Million Dollar Round Table.

Delatorro earned a master’s degree in instructional systems design with an emphasis in human performance enhancement from the Florida State University. His personal mission is to help individuals and organizations grow to the next level. As the author of eight books and over a dozen personal growth and professional development courses, online courses, and coaching programs, he has utilized his education to pull others into a place of peak performance in all aspects of their lives.

Delatorro holds the prestigious CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, which is the highest international recognition of professional speaking excellence, and he is in the top 12% of paid professional speakers worldwide. He has been featured on national and international television networks, including Fox, ABC, NBC, BET, TBN, Daystar, and Oxygen. His voice and works have also been heard on syndicated radio shows across America.

Delatorro is the founder of the Full Throttle Experience, a four-day annual experiential personal development conference hosted in Florida. Enthralled by this highly energetic, motorcycle-themed leadership and business success event, crowds are left in amazement and catapulted to greater dimensions.

As a peak performance expert, Delatorro partners with Fortune 500 corporations, professional associations, and entrepreneurs to drastically improve their organizational effectiveness, employee morale, and productivity. He also provides training and development courses that mature teamwork, sales performance, and communication strategies.

Delatorro travels the globe, empowering diverse audiences with his hard-hitting, experiential, high-energy, content-rich, and paradigm-shifting keynotes, seminars, and extreme team-building programs. He is a proud and active member of the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation.

When Delatorro is not traveling the world or dropping wisdom in virtual and in-person events, he is known in his greatest role as a father to his girls, Miracle and Hope.

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