INTRODUCTION: The Heartbeat of Democracy

Control the Vote, Control the Country

PART ONE: The Hidden History of the Vote in America

Power to the South: The Three-Fifths Compromise

The Racist Legacy of a Constitutional Compromise

The Founders Feared a Trump-like President—Which Is Why They Established the Electoral College

The Electoral College and Slavery

The Unique Struggles of Women and Native Americans to Vote

The Generational Fight for Women’s Suffrage

Silencing and Suppressing Native Voices

Madison’s Warning

PART TWO: The Economic Royalists’ Modern War on Voting

Why Racists Don’t Want Everyone to Vote

The Racist Backlash to Brown v. Board

Conservative Excuses for Preventing Everyone from Voting

The Billionaires’ Trick to Keep Everyone from Voting

Buying Politicians, Selling Lies, and Suppressing the Vote

The Rise of Social Issues

Promoting New(t)speak

The Day the Music Died

A New War on the Vote

Is Voting a Right? Should It Be?

Numbers, Not Voters

Stacey Abrams Was Robbed

Exit Polling around the World

Exit Polls in the US and Red Shift Explained

Voting Machines, Hacking, and Red Shift

Privatizing the Vote with Voting Machines

Suppressing the Vote with Provisional Ballots

Diluting the Vote with Gerrymandering

Depressing the Vote with Money in Politics

The Beginnings of a Myth: Voting Fraud

Voting Fraud: From Myth to Dogma

Kris Kobach: The Voting Fraud Myth Becomes a Mission

Interstate Crosscheck and the Election Integrity Scam

PART THREE: Solutions

The GOP’s Grand Stand against Voting and Democracy

Republicans Oppose “For the People Act of 2019”

Automatic Voter Registration

Restore the Vote for Returning Citizens

End Voter Caging

Make Election Day a National Holiday

Vote by Mail

Extend Early Voting

Paper Ballots or Paper Receipts

Stopping Politicians from Choosing Their Own Voters

The Electoral College and a National Popular Vote

Voting Systems Shape Elections: Getting beyond Two Parties

Compulsory Voting

DC and Puerto Rico Statehood, Splitting Up Big States

Get Out There, Get Active






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