PART I foundations

1 What We Talk About When We Talk About Visualization

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2 The Five Qualities of Great Visualizations

The Hockey Stick Chart






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PART II truthful

3 The Truth Continuum

Dubious Models

The Mind, That Clumsy Modeler

Why Are We So Often Mistaken?

Mind Bug 1: Patternicity

Mind Bug 2: Storytelling

Mind Bug 3: Confirmation

Truth Is Neither Absolute, Nor Relative

The Skills of the Educated Person

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4 Of Conjectures and Uncertainty

The Scientific Stance

From Curiosity to Conjectures


An Aside on Variables

On Studies

Doing Experiments

About Uncertainty

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PART III functional

5 Basic Principles of Visualization

Visually Encoding Data

Choosing Graphic Forms

A Grain of Salt

Practical Tips About those Tricky Scales

Organizing the Display

Put Your Work to the Test

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6 Exploring Data with Simple Charts

The Norm and the Exceptions

The Mode, the Median, and the Mean

Weighting Means


Some Fun with Ranges

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7 Visualizing Distributions

The Variance and the Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation and Standard Scores

Presenting Stories with Frequency Charts

How Standardized Scores Mislead Us

Peculiarities of the Normal Distribution

Percentiles, Quartiles, and the Box Plot

Manipulating Data

Frequency Over Time

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8 Revealing Change

Trend, Seasonality, and Noise

Decomposing a Time Series

Visualizing Indexes

From Ratios to Logs

How Time Series Charts Mislead

Communicating Change

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9 Seeing Relationships

From Association to Correlation


Matrices and Parallel Coordinate Plots

Correlation for Communication


From Correlation to Causation

Data Transformation

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10 Mapping Data


Data on Maps

Point Data Maps

Line Maps

The Basics of Choropleth Maps

Classifying Data

Using Choropleth Maps

Other Kinds of Data Maps

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11 Uncertainty and Significance

Back to Distributions

The Standard Error

Building Confidence Intervals

Disclosing Uncertainty

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get: Ask

How Has Stuff Been Measured?

Dispatches from the Data Jungle

Significance, Size, and Power

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PART IV practice

12 On Creativity and Innovation

The Popularizers

News Applications

Those Enchanting Europeans

Making Science Visual

Culture Data

The Artistic Fringes



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