Epilogue: What Lies Ahead

That’s it. I’ve run out of pages! I am sorry to end The Truthful Art in a cliffhanger—if that’s even possible in a book about communication, journalism, data, and visualization. I owe you an explanation.

Whenever I write and teach, the audience I have in mind is myself a decade ago. I like to write and teach in a way that would have helped my past self avoid years of mistakes, detours, dead ends, sweat, and headaches. I write books I wish I could have read then. Unfortunately, the amount of things I was ignorant about in my thirties was too large to fit inside a single volume. Therefore, I decided to split it up into two. The Truthful Art outlines some fundamentals of visualization for exploration and presentation. The following one, The Insightful Art, which I’ll begin writing right away with the goal of publishing it in 2019, will cover topics I hinted at in Chapter 12. For instance:

1. Visual design: type, color, composition, interaction, etc.

2. Writing effective copy.

3. Narrative and storytelling.

4. Visualization for mobile platforms.

5. Animated visualization and motion infographics.

I hope you’ll bear with me until then. I’ll do my best to make the wait worth it.

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