Day Trips

1. Ko Hae

Located just 2 miles (3 km) off Phuket’s southeastern shore, Ko Hae, or Coral Island, is a pretty island surrounded by colorful coral reefs. The island has two long sandy beaches – Long Beach and Banana Beach. The most popular activity here is exploring the vast Staghorn coral reefs, located around 328 ft (100 m) offshore.

2. Ko Phing Kan

Ever since The Man With The Golden Gun was filmed here, few people have referred to this island as Ko Phing Kan. Today widely known as James Bond Island, it is one of Phuket’s most popular daytrips. The famous limestone rock called Ko Tapu, or Nail Island, juts out of the sea nearby.

3. Ko Yao Yai and Noi

These picturesque islands in Phang Nga Bay feature charming thatched-roof homes and rubber plantations, interspersed with vast unspoiled foliage. Accommodation is mostly available on Ko Yao Noi, the smaller of the two islands. Hire a kayak from your hotel to explore the beautiful rock formations facing the island. Alcohol is generally not sold outside hotel premises.

4. Ko Maphrao

Boasting magnificent deserted beaches and coves, Ko Maphrao (literally, Coconut Island) is five minutes by boat from Phuket’s east coast. Popular activities here include swimming and exploring the coastline’s mangrove forests by boat. With just one hotel, the island also offers homestays with local families.

5. Ko Panyee

With most of the island’s (for further details see Ko Panyee) land consumed by a towering limestone rock formation, the famous stilt village here has been built above the shallow waters on the island’s southern side. The island’s main catch today is tourists, who visit Ko Panyee for its seafood restaurants or to buy the delicious spicy nam prik kung siap (shrimp paste).

6. Ko Rang Yai

Home to the Phuket Pearl Farm, this private island cultivates three different types of pearls for export. Ko Rang Yai also offers outdoor activities, including camping, mini-golf, and an air-gun shooting range. Visitors can watch demonstrations on how pearls are cultured, harvested, and turned into jewelry. The guides also explain how to tell the difference between real and fake pearls.

7. Ko Racha

This renowned diving and snorkeling site offers incredibly clear water. Home to fishermen and farmers, Ko Racha Yai has a few bungalows and small restaurants, and a pretty beach. The lack of development makes this a great place for stargazing at night. Ko Racha Noi is less developed and features rockier shorelines.

8. Ko Khai Nok

Another great snorkeling destination, this island also has coral reefs hugging the coastline – the prime underwater attraction here. Brilliantly colored parrotfish can often be spotted. The small swimming cove here features white sand flanked by rocky headlands. Small thatched huts sell towels, T-shirts, and fresh coconut water.

9. Ko Bon

A 15-minute boat ride from Rawai Beach, this small rocky island features a crescent-shaped beach along the west coast. The beach has a quaint restaurant that serves seafood, Thai, and Western dishes. The island’s east coast is owned by Evason Resorts for the exclusive use of their guests.

10. Ko Kaew

A Buddha statue facing Phuket greets visitors to this small island, which is visible from Phromthep Cape. A replica footprint of the Lord Buddha makes this a holy pilgrimage site for some monks. On the island’s far coast is another Buddhist shrine and chedi.

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