Sources of Information

1. Tourism Authority of Thailand

The website of the official government tourism agency, Tourism Authority of Thailand (for further details see Tourist Offices), offers detailed travel information on destinations throughout Thailand, including Phuket. The agency provides valuable insights into the island’s hotels, transportation services, activities, attractions, and more.

2. National Park Visitor Centres

Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, Sirinat National Park and Khao Sok National Park have helpful visitor centers that provide maps, guides, and other useful services. The Department of National Parks also maintains an English version of their website with information on planning

3. Websites

A number of well-maintained websites provide up-to-date and candid reviews of Phuket. One of the best developed of these sites,, features a trove of information about the island’s beaches, restaurants, nightlife, and more.

4. Local Newspapers

The English-language newspaper, Phuket Gazette, has a well-maintained website with breaking news, upcoming events listings, property listings, and more. The newspaper can be found at hotels, convenience stores, and newsstands in Phuket’s busier tourist areas. Visitors can also pick up the Bangkok Post and The Nation, which are both based in Bangkok.

5. Hotel Concierge

If staying at an upscale hotel, you can ask your concierge to recommend interesting activities. Besides being a source of valuable information, concierge staff can also often secure the best seats at restaurants, or for shows like the Phuket Fantasea. Many hotels create tours exclusively for their guests.

6. Television

Most hotel rooms have access to CNN or BBC, which provide global weather updates. Thailand does not have its own English TV station, but many hotels provide weather updates, upcoming events, and local features on their in-house programming.

7. Radio

Established in 2008, Phuket FM Radio is the island’s English-language radio station. Found on 91.5FM, it provides local news, popular music, weather updates, and entertainment. The radio also streams live online. Broadcasting seven days a week, it can be heard throughout Phuket, as well as on Ko Phi Phi (for further details see Farther Afield)

8. Weather Reports

When planning a day out, it is a good idea to check the weather forecast beforehand, especially during the rainy season. Downpours can occur with little warning. Weather forecasts are available on TV, radio, or the Internet, or best of all, ask a local. The Thai have an uncanny sense of knowing when it will rain.

9. Maps

Complimentary maps are available in the arrival hall at Phuket International Airport. These include detailed maps of each major beach area, as well as a good-quality map of the island’s attractions. Street maps of Phuket can also be bought at book-stores and convenience stores on the island.

10. Fellow Travelers

Thailand attracts many long-term and repeat visitors who are often eager to share their travel experiences. Ko Phi Phi draws a huge, mostly young, crowd of backpackers. These travelers are generally fond of swapping advice on cultural or experiential highlights.

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