About the Authors

George Mount is the founder and CEO of Stringfest Analytics, a consulting firm specializing in analytics education. He has worked with leading bootcamps, learning platforms, and practice organizations to help individuals excel at analytics. He speaks regularly on the topic, blogs about it at stringfestanalytics.com, and is the author of Advancing into Analytics (O’Reilly, 2021).

George holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Hillsdale College and master’s degrees in finance and information systems from Case Western Reserve University. He resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lynne Capozzi is Acquia’s chief marketing officer. She oversees all global marketing functions including digital marketing, demand generation, operations, regional and field marketing, customer and partner marketing, events, vertical strategy, analyst relations, and content and corporate communications.

Lynne is one of Acquia’s boomerang stories, first serving as Acquia CMO in 2009. Lynne left Acquia in 2011 to pursue her nonprofit work full-time. She returned to Acquia in late 2016 to lead the marketing organization into its next stage of growth.

Prior to her experience at Acquia, Lynne held various marketing leadership roles in the technology space. She served as CMO at JackBe, an enterprise mashup software company for real-time intelligence applications that was acquired by Software AG. Before that, Lynne was CMO at Systinet, which was acquired by Mercury Interactive. Prior to that, Lynne was a VP at Lotus Development, which was later acquired by IBM.

Outside of her work at Acquia, Lynne is on the board of directors at the Boston Children’s Hospital Trust and runs a nonprofit through the hospital.

Karen Wood is Acquia’s director of product marketing for Acquia Marketing Cloud. Karen has over a decade of experience working with enterprise brands and taking disruptive digital marketing technologies to market.

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