Resources—and Smart Ways to Use Them

Making the Most of What You’ve Got When Combining Career and Family

In chapters 1 through 8, you got guidance on the workparent phase you’re in today, and insights on what’s to come. Here in part 2, we’re going to pivot and take a good, close look at each of your three most important workparent resources—on what you have at your disposal to navigate each phase of workparenting with. When you hear the word resources, it’s normal to be concerned, or feel constrained, but don’t waste any time beating yourself up or feeling defeated about how much support you have or don’t have, or how packed your schedule is, or how much you have in the bank. In the next three chapters, we’ll cover workparent-specific ways to manage and maximize your Village, Time, and Money so you can be more of the working parent you want to be.

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