1. A Note on Language
  2. Introduction: You Can Do This
  4. Workparenting, Phase by Phase
  5. How to Navigate the Demands of Career and Parenthood with Confidence and Calm over the Next Eighteen Years
  6.   1.  While You’re Expecting
  7. The five key truths    Understanding your Workparent Template    Announcing the news    When others aren’t expecting it    How to handle questions and detractors    What to begin planning for and what can wait
  8.   2.  Care
  9. When to start looking    What kind of care?    Finding, assessing, choosing, and hiring a care provider    What you may be thinking and feeling    The first few days and weeks    Communicating with your caregiver(s)    If you need to make a change    Emergency and backup care    Trusted caregivers, happy child
  10.   3.  Parental Leave and the Return to Work
  11. Planning your leave    Leave length: what if ?    Creating an effective transition and coverage plan    Staying in touch while you’re out    How to use leave when you’re not the primary caregiver    How to feel in charge of your career while away    Ways to make the return to work easier    Owning your narrative    The one-month check-in    Celebrating new achievements
  12.   4.  The First Year
  13. Establishing a Point of Control    Learning to make effective transitions to and from work    Staying and feeling connected while on the job    Creating a new daily schedule that works—for you    Navigating the important Year One milestones    Remaining visible    Taking charge of your performance review    Setbacks—and how to overcome them
  14.   5.  From Baby to Toddler to Little Kid
  15. Making the most of care transitions    Bonding with your child through activity    Harnessing the power of repetition and ritual    Explaining work to very small children    Confronting the screen-time dilemma    Still owning—and updating—your story    Considering changes at work    Staying on the right path—for you
  16.   6.  Expanding Your Family—If, When, and How
  17. Considering the pros and cons    When you still can’t decide    What to know and do when moving from one child to two— or more    Large-family strategies useful for all working parents
  18.   7.  School
  19. Why the start of school is hard, and how to make it easier    Educating them at home—and every day    Developing a strong relationship with your child’s teacher(s)    Homework    After-school activities    Talking with your manager and colleagues about school commitments    Volunteering    How to be present—and what to do when you can’t    Safety    Handling school-related emergencies    When school’s out—but work isn’t    The working-parent-friendly school
  20.   8.  The Almost-Teen and Teenage Years
  21. Making the relationship positive    How to keep them safe when you’re not around to play police officer    Staying connected when busy on the job    Getting them ready for adulthood—without dropping the ball on your career    Handling the logistics of next steps    Making workparenting your teen easier
  22. PART TWO
  23. Resources—and Smart Ways to Use Them
  24. Making the Most of What You’ve Got When Combining Career and Family
  25.   9.  If “It Takes a Village,” Then You’re the Mayor
  26. Are you a Do-It-Myselfer?    The 8-C method for assessing and expanding your Village    Third Parents    Communicating with the Village    Adapting your support network over time
  27. 10.  Time
  28. Sorting out what’s really important    The Calendar Audit    Containment: what, when, and how    Time and busyness as part of your professional brand    Your working-parent calendar    The real meaning of “balance”
  29. 11.  Money
  30. The three financial phases of working parenthood    Where do you stand?    Your workparent budget    Common workparent money dilemmas, and how to think through them    Making money matters logistically easier    Real parents, real returns
  32. Success—on Your Own Terms
  33. Accomplishing What You Want, in the Way You Want—at Work and at Home
  34. 12.  Getting Ahead
  35. Do you really want to?    Is now the right time?    Advocating for it    Dealing with skeptics and naysayers    How to take on more    What if it all goes wrong?    When you’re happy where you are
  36. 13.  Transitions
  37. Is this particular transition worth it?    IWAP: Interviewing While a Parent    How to tell if an employer is working-parent friendly    Explaining it to the kids    How you might be feeling as you make the switch    Always a working parent
  38. 14.  When You’re the Boss
  39. No perfect time to start    Your business model matters    Systems and infrastructure are essential    Keeping an eye on costs    Growth    Benefits    Flexibility    Setting boundaries    Time off    Entrepreneurship and parenting will feel similar    It takes a Village    Creating a new template    Now, back to you: questions to ask yourself as an entrepreneurial workparent
  40. 15.  Flexibility
  41. Possible arrangements, what they offer—and what to be cautious about    What’s going to work for you?    Advocating for it    Making it work, day-to-day    Sending the right career signals    Taking stock    Becoming a builder
  42. 16.  Away
  43. Your workparent Away Planner    Creating counterweights    Saying goodbye    Specific and powerful ways to stay, and feel, in touch    Making your homecoming calmer and more satisfying    Showing up and being there
  44. 17.  Time Off
  45. Scaling it up    Microcheating    Power outages    Sabbaths    The intentional weekend    Vacation: how, when, and where    Sabbaticals    Career breaks    Your time-off action plan
  47. Staying Well and Whole
  48. Taking Good Care of Your Family—and Yourself— While You’re Hard at Work
  49. 18.  Food and Mealtimes
  50. Setting your House Rules    Fail-safe ways to make the logistics easier    Feeding very small children    Breakfasts    Emergency meals    Takeout, eating out, and fast food    How to make Family Meals happen    While at the table    Food as part of your family’s template
  51. 19.  Health—Yours and Theirs
  52. At home    At the doctor’s office    With your caregiver(s)    At school    At work    Putting it all together
  53. 20.  Energy
  54. Getting more sleep    Exercise and movement    Rituals and activities that relax and recharge you    Creating your energy action plan    Learning to work well when your battery is low    More you
  55. 21.  Feelings
  56. Where the difficult feelings come from    Ten specific strategies that work     And strategies that don’t    Giving yourself what you need and deserve
  58. Your Family, Your Way
  59. Special Tips—and Extra Encouragement—for Winning at Workparenting in Any Family Structure
  60. 22.  The Two-Career Couple
  61. Why?    The template talk    Structured Check-In    On Call    Joint Activity    Tell Me More    Public Admiration
  62. 23.  Sole or Almost-Sole Earner
  63. Thirteen Key Questions that will help you make it work
  64. 24.  Single Workparenting
  65. When your colleagues don’t get it    Managing professional impressions    Making workparent decisions solo    Self-care    Giving your child what they need    Adapting your Village    Confidence for the long term
  66. 25.  Proud Workparents
  67. Templating, role models, and mentors    The path to parenthood    Benefits and leave    Boundaryless questions    LGBTQIA+-friendly care    Finding community    The need to divide and conquer    Owning your narrative    Creating allies    Paving the road ahead
  68. Conclusion: A New Template, All Our Own
  69. Appendix: The Workparent Leader
  70. Sensible advice for:
  •     Becoming a more workparent-friendly organization
  •     Setting up a working-parents network in your community or organization
  •     Managing workparents, day-to-day
  1. Research Note: Learning from Working Parents
  2. Index
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
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