189Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero - Chapter 7 - Manually turning on genes in situ
Review Questions
Hands-on Exercise
1. What does IPTG stand for and what does it do?
2. List two examples of how microorganisms use light to manage their lives.
3. How are “optimal growth conditions” and “stressful growth conditions” different?
1. When turning on the Exercise 1 genetic system with chemicals, what happens that makes RNA
polymerase able to begin transcription?
2. Why is IPTG used in the Induce-it Kit experiment rather than lactose?
3. What is the non-coding region called that lac repressor binds to?
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190 Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero - Chapter 7 - Manually turning on genes in situ
4. During the heat induction experiment, explain how increasing the heat makes it possible for your gene
to be expressed.
5. What is the difference between constitutive expression and inducible expression?
6. What is T7 polymerase? Where is it from? How is it used in the light induction system?
7. How is phosphate used during the light induction system?
8. List three different molecules/systems that phosphate is used in within E. coli cells.
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191Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero
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