Razor Pages lets you build, configure, and deploy amazing dynamic ASP.NET websites with ease.

In ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Action you will learn:

  • Building, configuring, and publishing a data-driven website
  • Creating a complete web application step-by-step
  • Forms for collecting and processing user data
  • Connecting to databases from a Razor Page
  • Protecting areas of a Razor Page from unauthorized access with ASP.NET Identity
  • Using Object Relational Mapping tools to work with data in Razor Pages applications
  • Generating CRUD pages using scaffolding gestures
  • Generating and sending email from your web application

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Action teaches you to develop dynamic websites using the powerful Razor Pages framework, .NET 6, and ASP.NET. Razor Pages generates HTML on the server, and is the perfect choice for eCommerce sites, intranet services, content management systems, and other apps that require reliability. In this book, you’ll use Razor Pages to build a complete application for booking city breaks, learning to iterate amazing new features chapter-by-chapter. You’ll even learn how to enhance your web applications with the huge ecosystem of C# libraries, and how to locate the perfect tool for your task using centralized repositories.

About the Technology
Simplify ASP.NET web development with Razor Pages! Razor Pages provides a cohesive page-based organization layer for application components like routes and actions. It’s page-centric approach means you spend less dev time switching between the controller, model, and view files, as compared to a traditional MVC approach.

About the Book
ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Action teaches you how to use Razor Pages to code and scale dynamic ASP.NET Core websites. You’ll learn a new feature in every chapter as you build an interesting vacation-booking application. As your app grows, you’ll be amazed how Razor Pages accelerates essential tasks like form creation, data processing, testing, and deployment.

What's Inside
  • Securing your applications from unauthorized access
  • Using object-relational mapping tools to work with data
  • Generating and sending email from a web application
  • Enhance your web apps with C# libraries

About the Reader
For web developers familiar with C# programming.

About the Author
Mike Brind is an 11-time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for ASP.NET.

All you need to develop, troubleshoot, and publish dynamic data-driven web apps.
- Chris Thomas, Argonne National Laboratory

If I had to start over in web development, I’d start with this book.
- Mitchell Fox, Aditi Staffing

A high degree of clarity, with excellent diagrams and practical code examples.
- Mike Baran, Certain Systems

Table of Contents

  1. inside front cover
  2. ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Action
  3. Copyright
  4. contents
  5. front matter
  6. 1 Getting started with Razor Pages
  7. 2 Building your first application
  8. 3 Working with Razor Pages
  9. 4 Matching URLs to Razor Pages with routing
  10. 5 Working with forms: Model binding
  11. 6 Working with forms: Tag helpers
  12. 7 Using dependency injection to manage services
  13. 8 Working with data
  14. 9 Managing users with authentication
  15. 10 Controlling access with authorization
  16. 11 Client-side technologies and AJAX
  17. 12 Troubleshooting your application
  18. 13 Protecting your application against external attacks
  19. 14 Configuring and publishing your application
  20. index