Book Description

Develop applications and experiences for Microsoft’s HoloLens and other Windows mixed reality devices. This easy-to-follow guide removes the mystery behind creating amazing augmented reality experiences. Mixed reality development tools and resources are provided.

Beginning Windows Mixed Reality Programming clearly explains all the nuances of mixed reality software development. You'll learn how to create 3D objects and holograms, interact with holograms using voice commands and hand gestures, use spatial mapping and 3D spatial sound, build with Microsoft's HoloToolkit, create intuitive user interfaces, and make truly awe-inspiring mixed reality experiences. Start building the holographic future today!

What You Will Learn
  • Prototype ideas quickly 
  • Get started with Unity, the preferred tool for animating 3D objects. 
  • Explore where to find 3D models for your project, or make your own! 
  • Use spatial sound, voice commands, and gestures
  • Build with the HoloToolkit to make apps the easy way
  • Publish to the Windows Store and make money from your app
Who This Book Is For

Programmers with little or no graphics or mixed reality experience

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Frontmatter
  3. 1. Getting Started
    1. 1. Gear Up: The Necessary Hardware and Software Tools
    2. 2. Unity Crash Course
  4. 2. Building Holographic Experiences
    1. 3. Creating Your First Hologram
    2. 4. Introduction to the HoloToolkit
    3. 5. Interacting with Holograms
    4. 6. Using Spatial Mapping
    5. 7. Spatial Sound
  5. 3. Growing as a Holographic Developer
    1. 8. Awe-Inspiring Experiences
    2. 9. Turning Holograms into Money
    3. 10. Community Resources
  6. Backmatter