Book Description

Augmented reality helps you bring digital information into the physical world, while blending the two in new ways. AR has finally developed to the point of usability, and (as some corporations are proving), it has potential value for any technology stack. With this practical ebook, you’ll gain a fresh and broader look at AR. How does this technology integrate with your company? How do you sell it in? What’s going on outside of industry that will determine how AR develops?

Author Leah Hunter explores the big ideas, emerging trends, and most interesting advances in AR industry, education, and retail. Along with basic technical experience, this ebook includes interviews with 23 notable AR-focused developers, investors, artists, and explorers who examine how AR interweaves with business and with life.

If you’re building an AR solution, or want to pursue an AR career, this guide provides:

  • A deeper awareness of the ideas, emerging trends, and advances in AR, both technical and non-technical
  • Case studies and interviews that reveal insider-information about how companies are thinking about and using AR
  • Ideas for building a smart business strategy as AR becomes used more broadly
  • Technical knowledge on how to build content for service-focused AR
  • Ways to think about AR—as a technologist and a human—including ethical questions about using and building the technology

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. I. Augmented Reality Strategy
  3. 1. How AR Is Helping Manufacturing (and Other Uses That Show Promise)
    1. What Makes AR Compelling Now?
    2. It Is Important to Be Clear: AR and VR Are Not the Same
    3. Why Should You Focus on AR Now?
    4. AR Has Reached the Usability Phase
    5. Workforce Transformation: AR for Knowledge Transfer
      1. Billion-Dollar Companies Are Making AR an Investment Priority
  4. 2. How to Make Your Best Investment and Development Bets in AR
    1. Understanding AR Evolution and How to Place Your Bets
    2. What’s Inside the Headsets Is Most Interesting
    3. Adoptions: How Do You Sell-In AR (or Any New Tech)?
    4. How AR Will Grow: Lots of Content Producers Building on Each Other’s Work
    5. How Can You Cash In Financially and Ethically Over the Next Five Years?
      1. Play with Different Interfaces
      2. Capitalize on (and Create) the Best Inputs and Outputs
      3. Play at the Intersections Between Industries
      4. Look at Linking to Existing/New Systems from the Beginning
  5. 3. Augmented Reality Creators and Use Cases You Should Know
    1. AR Makes Time-Consuming Industrial Tasks Easier
      1. Case Study: Index AR/Newport News Shipbuilding
      2. Cutting Inspection Time from 36 Hours to 90 Minutes
    2. AR Helps Reduce Human Errors
      1. Case Study: Scope AR
    3. Case Study: RE’FLEKT GmbH
      1. AR for Visualizing Product Accessories and Doing Diagnostics
    4. AR Trains Medical Professionals
      1. Case Study: Case Western Reserve
      2. AR Offers New Ways to Learn Anatomy
      3. From Body Awareness to Other Structures
    5. AR Enhances Museums
      1. Case Study: Institute for the Future
      2. AR Is at an Acceleration Point
    6. AR Adds Meaning in Retail
      1. Case Study: AR Can Help Reinvent Fashion and Soft Goods
  6. 4. Building Out the Augmented Reality and Internet of Things Layer
    1. Using AR to Help Visualize Sensor Data
    2. IoT Can Support AR and Vice Versa
    3. AR Tools Are Becoming Embedded in the Technology Stack
      1. Case Study: DAQRI
    4. The Business Justification for AR (aka Show Me the Numbers)
  7. II. AR in Practice
  8. 5. Key Techniques for Building AR Experiences (and Why They Matter)
    1. Creating AR Content
      1. Content Authoring Tools and SDKs
      2. Authoring: A Deeper Dive
    2. Illustrative Visualization for Augmented Reality
    3. Extracting Images for AR from Video
    4. Why You Should Also Know About Mapping Tools from Robotics
  9. 6. Computer Vision and Complementary Technologies: Where It’s All Going
  10. III. AR in the Future (Near and Longer Term)
  11. 7. The Future
    1. Reality from a Tech Perspective
    2. Our Deeper Awareness of Reality Is Changing
      1. Think Big and See from a Higher Level
      2. Focus on Perception
    3. The Power of Music and Positive Words
    4. Tap into What You Already Know
    5. Study and Use the Head and the Heart
    6. Embodiment
    7. Conscious Development
    8. Augmented Reality for Social Good