This updated version of Rockport's best-selling Design Elements covers all the design fundamentals, from working with grids, color application, typography, and imagery to finally how to put it all together.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Graphic Design?
  2. Twenty Rules for Making Good Design
  3. Form and Space
    1. Defining Visual Language
    2. Attributes of Form
    3. Putting Stuff into Space
    4. Compositional Strategies
  4. Color Fundamentals
    1. The Identity of Color
    2. Chromatic Interaction
    3. Color Logic and Systems
    4. When Color Means Something
    5. Color in the Real World
  5. Choosing and Using Type
    1. Structure and Optics
    2. Issues Related to Style
    3. The Mechanics of Textsetting
    4. Type is Visual, Too
    5. Type as Information
  6. The World of Imagery
    1. The Nature of Images
    2. Media and Methods
    3. Content, Concept, Context
    4. Narrative Massage
  7. Putting it all Together
    1. Merging Type and Image
    2. Working With Grids
    3. Intuitive Arrangement
    4. Design as a System
    5. The Working Process
  8. Causin’ Some Trouble: Breaking Every Rule in This Book
  9. Index (By Subject)
  10. Directory of Contributors
  11. About the Author
  12. Acknowledgments