Book Description

From dealing with underperformers to fighting off lawsuits, employee problems are the bane of a manager’s existence. So what do most do? Ignore them!

And that’s a recipe for more problems. Written by a seasoned HR expert and employment attorney, Hard-Won Wisdom takes you inside the messy reality of situations gone wrong, including:

    • A joking comment taken as a command
    • An email exchange that escalates ridiculously out of control
    • A request for confidentiality that backfires in a big way
    • The right employee…fired the wrong way
    • The wrong employee…hired the right way

    These sometimes funny, always cautionary tales reinforce crucial lessons for managers. From failing to give feedback and withholding key information to exercising poor judgment and making faulty assumptions, every story highlights the role management plays in exacerbating (or easing) trouble.

    And each story suggests simple strategies to turn the situation around. The memorable lessons help managers motivate underachievers, defuse angry employees, discipline without inviting legal action—and handle every tricky-people issue they simply can’t avoid.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. 1 Employee Engagement
  7. 2 Employee Selection
  8. 3 Performance Management
  9. 4 Discipline & Discharge
  10. 5 Harrassment & Bullying
  11. 6 Conflict Resolution
  12. 7 Stopping Problems Before They Start
  13. Index
  14. Free Sample from Just Listen by Mark Goulston
  15. About AMACOM
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