Book Description

Become a mindful listener at work.

Listening is a critical skill that leaders and managers often take for granted. By learning to listen mindfully, you can keep your employees more engaged, foster the discovery of new ideas, and hear what you need to hear in a discussion rather than what you expect to hear.

The book will teach you what great listeners do, how to stay fully present in challenging conversations, and how empathic listening can help others learn and grow.

This volume includes the work of:

  • Peter Bregman
  • Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman
  • Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter
  • Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins

How to be human at work. The HBR Emotional Intelligence Series features smart, essential reading on the human side of professional life from the pages of Harvard Business Review. Each book in the series offers proven research showing how our emotions impact our work lives, practical advice for managing difficult people and situations, and inspiring essays on what it means to tend to our emotional well-being at work. Uplifting and practical, these books describe the social skills that are critical for ambitious professionals to master.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Series Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. 1. What Great Listeners Actually Do
  7. 2. What Gets in the Way of Listening
  8. 3. Listening to People
  9. 4. Three Ways Leaders Can Listen with More Empathy
  10. 5. If You Aspire to Be a Great Leader, Be Present
  11. 6. Become a Better Listener
  12. 7. To Change Someone’s Mind, Stop Talking and Listen
  13. 8. Defusing an Emotionally Charged Conversation with a Colleague
  14. 9. The Power of Listening in Helping People Change
  15. 10. When You’re the Person Your Colleagues Always Vent To
  16. 11. Managing the Critical Voices Inside Your Head
  17. Index