Book Description

Join more than 100 million players in the online world of Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft fanatic looking to mod your games? Hours of fun await! Minecraft Modding For Kids For Dummies teaches you how to mod in easy-to-do parts. Offering loads of helpful explanations and cool projects along the way, this friendly guide will have you advancing levels, keeping score, respawning players, building portals, creating an archery range—and much more—faster than you can say redstone!

There's no denying that modding is cool. After all, it allows you to alter your Minecraft gaming world to constantly keep things new and fun. While it isn't incredibly difficult to learn to mod, it does take some practice. Luckily, Minecraft Modding For Kids For Dummies is here to help you build basic coding skills to make modding your games as easy as 1-2-3!

  • The book is in full color and lies flat so you can look while you play

  • Includes a free trial of the LearnToMod software to use alongside the book

  • Features larger print to make the text feel less daunting

  • Offers next steps you can take if you want to learn even more about modding and coding

  • If you're one of the millions of kids who play Minecraft every day, this hands-on guide gets you up and running fast with modding your favorite game!

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
      1. Cover
      2. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Accessing the LearnToMod Software
        5. Beyond the Book
        6. Where to Go from Here
      3. Part 1: Making Your First Minecraft Mod
        1. Project 1: Getting Started on Modding Minecraft
          1. Know What Minecraft Modding Is
          2. Use the LearnToMod Online Software
          3. Become Familiar with the Programming Environment
          4. Write Your First Minecraft Mod
          5. Run Your First Mod in Minecraft
          6. Write Your Own Minecraft Mods
          7. Share Your Mods with Friends
        2. Project 2: Earning Modding Badges
          1. Write Mods with Functions
          2. Earn Scramble Badges
          3. Earn Missing Badges
          4. Make and Call New Functions
          5. Complete the Functions Badge Code
          6. Earn Quiz Badges
          7. Challenge Yourself Beyond Badges
          8. Complete the Function Challenge
        3. Project 3: Building and Protecting Structures
          1. Use Drones to Build Structures in Minecraft
          2. Build a Tower in Minecraft By Breaking Coding into Phases
          3. Use Locations to Strike Lightning on Yourself in Minecraft
          4. Use Locations to Strike Lightning on Drones in Minecraft
          5. Debug Complex Mods
          6. Spawn Entities and Add Inventory Items
          7. Build a One-Click House in Minecraft
      4. Part 2: Making Your First Minecraft Minigame
        1. Project 4: Making a Single-Player Game in Minecraft: Spleef
          1. Introduce the Gameplay Loop
          2. Make Spleef: Iteration 1
          3. Make Spleef: Iteration 2
        2. Project 5: Making a Multilevel Minecraft Minigame: Monster Arena
          1. Draw the Gameplay Loop
          2. Iteration 1: Make Monster Arena
          3. Iteration 2: Add Levels
          4. Iteration 3: Add Even More Levels and Challenges
          5. Make More Iterations: Be Creative and Unique
        3. Project 6: Minecraft Modding with Friends: The Multiplayer Version of Spleef
          1. Start from the Single-Player Spleef Game
          2. Summarize the Gameplay Loop
          3. Iteration 1: Refactor the Single-Player Version
          4. Iteration 2: Add in Player2
          5. Test the Multiplayer Spleef Game
          6. Iteration 3: End the Game at 200 Blocks
      5. Part 3: Designing and Building a Multiplayer Minigame
        1. Project 7: Modding with Projectiles
          1. Design and Build an Exploding Projectile
          2. Make a Projectile Library
          3. Complete an Extra Challenge: Use the Projectile Library to Make a Teleporting Projectile
        2. Project 8: Making a Multiplayer Minigame: Capture the Flag
          1. Plan the Capture-the-Flag Game
          2. Prepare the Capture-the-Flag Mod
          3. Iteration 1: Create the Single-Player Version
        3. Project 9: Iterating on Gameplay Using an Existing Game: Capture the Flag
          1. Iteration 2: Add Player 2
          2. Iteration 3: Make Someone Win
          3. Play the Game in Alternative Ways
      6. Part 4: Building Your Own Minecraft Minigame
        1. Project 10: Building Your Own Game
          1. Sketch Out Your Mod
          2. Plan Your Mod
          3. Draw the Gameplay Loop
          4. Outline Your Mod
          5. Refactor Your Mods
          6. Test Your Code
          7. Share Your Mod with Friends
          8. Remix Other People’s Mods
          9. Engage with Your Community
      7. About the Author
      8. Cheat Sheet
      9. Advertisement Page
      10. Connect with Dummies
      11. End User License Agreement