Book Description

Storytelling for VirtualReality serves as a bridge between students of new media and professionals working between the emerging world of VR technology and the art form of classical storytelling. Rather than examining purely the technical, the text focuses on the narrative and how stories can best be structured, created, and then told in virtual immersive spaces. Author John Bucher examines the timeless principles of storytelling and how they are being applied, transformed, and transcended in Virtual Reality. Interviews, conversations, and case studies with both pioneers and innovators in VR storytelling are featured, including  industry leaders at LucasFilm, 20th Century Fox, Oculus, Insomniac Games, and Google.

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Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Foreword
  7. 1 A New Reality and How We Got Here
    1. Spotlight on Directing: Storytelling in VR through Cinematic Directing
    2. A Conversation with Jessica Brillhart, Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google
    3. Spotlight on Cameras: Storytelling in VR through the Lens
    4. A Conversation with Paul Meyhoefer, VP JK Imaging/Kodak
  8. 2 A Stone Bridge Covered in Microchips
    1. Spotlight on Gaming: Storytelling in VR through Video Games
    2. A Conversation with Brian Allgeier, VR Game Designer, Insomniac Games
  9. 3 Science and Technology behind Storytelling
    1. Spotlight on VR Science and Storytelling: Storytelling through Data and Neurology
    2. A Conversation with Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, Director of the Emerging Analytics Center, the University of Arkansas, Little Rock
    3. Spotlight on Story: Storytelling at the Oculus Story Studio
    4. A Conversation with Jessica Shamash, Producer, and Pete Billington, Immersive Storyteller
  10. 4 Storytelling Principles for Immersive Space
    1. Spotlight on Immersive Theater: Storytelling through Immersion
    2. A Conversation with Noah Nelson, Creator and Host of No Proscenium Podcast
  11. 5 Designing an Immersive Narrative
    1. Spotlight on New Frontiers: A Master Storyteller
    2. A Conversation with Chris Milk, Founder and CEO, Within
    3. Spotlight on Ethics: Considerations for VR Storytelling
    4. A Conversation with Steve Peters, Experience Designer, Host of StoryForward Podcast and CCO of Mo Mimes Media
    5. Exercises
  12. 6 Characters in VR
    1. Spotlight on Acting: Storytelling through Drama in Immersive Experiences
    2. A Conversation with Keight Leighn, Actress
    3. Exercises
  13. 7 Creating Narrative Structures
    1. Spotlight on Visualization: Cinematic Storytelling in VR
    2. A Conversation with Chris Edwards, Founder, Chief Production Officer, and CEO, The Third Floor
    3. Spotlight on Narrative: Fiction Versus Nonfiction Storytelling
    4. A Conversation with Steve Peters, Experience Designer, Host of StoryForward Podcast and CCO of Mo Mimes Media
    5. Exercises
  14. 8 Theory in Practice: Interviews and Case Studies
    1. The Storytellers
      1. Interview: Rob Bredow, Chief Technology Officer, LucasFilm
      2. Interview: Tye Sheridan and Nikola Todorovic, Creators of Aether Inc.
      3. Case Study: Baobab VR Studios
      4. Interview: Sarah Hill, CEO and Chief Storyteller, StoryUp
    2. The Technologists and Producers
      1. Interview: Jonathan Krusell, Google Daydream Producer
      2. Interview: Robyn Tong Gray and Andrew Goldstein, Founders, Otherworld Interactive
      3. Case Study: Light Sail VR
      4. Interview: Tai Crosby, Founder and CEO, SilVR Thread
      5. Interview: Adam Orth, Creative Director, Three One Zero
    3. The Artists
      1. Interview: Angela Haddad, VR Artist and Producer
      2. Interview: Annie Lesser, Immersive Theater Director
      3. Case Study: Jaunt Studios and the Invisible VR Series
      4. Interview: Mark Cordell Holmes, Art Director, Pixar
    4. The Visionaries
      1. Interview: Larry Rosenthal, VR Pioneer and Producer
      2. Interview: Paul Debevec, Senior Staff Engineer, Google VR
      3. Case Study: Lucy VR series
      4. Interview: Brian Rose, Google VR Team, Community and Outreach
      5. Interview: Ted Schilowitz, Futurist, 20th Century Fox Studios
  15. Glossary
  16. Index
  17. About the Author