Book Description

Get the inside story of Boost Juice, a global phenomenon, and discover 30 strategies for business success from its founder, Janine Allis. Share in Janine’s colourful stories as a serious business woman on Shark Tank, a mud-covered competitor on Australian Survivor, author, podcast host and ambassador for Australia for UNHCR Leading Women Fund.

Establishing a new brand and creating a unique retail concept is never easy. So what happened when a mother of four put her all into doing just that? The Accidental Entrepreneur shares the inside story of Boost Juice, which exploded as a brand and became a global phenomenon. Learn how Australian adventurer Janine Allis transformed her healthy living idea into a beloved brand, and discover why she decided to do retail differently, providing an enjoyable customer experience based on a "love life" philosophy.

By offering delicious, healthy and fun options, Janine’s juice and smoothie business grew rapidly into an award-winning enterprise. She then took on more exciting challenges – as a judge on Shark Tank, a competitor on Australian Survivor and now as an ambassador for Australia for UNHCR Leading Women Fund.

• Discover Janine’s 30 secret strategies for business success
• Share in her colourful anecdotes and life experiences
• Gain business, leadership, and management insights
• Go behind the scenes for her roles on Shark Tank and Survivor

Anyone pursuing success can learn from Janine’s ability to offer popular products with staying power and fans of Boost Juice, Shark Tank or Survivor will enjoy a behind the scenes look at these famous global franchises. Uncover the secrets of an Australian business owner who took a healthy living brand straight to the top!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Introduction
  4. Part I The Surprise Entrepreneur
    1. 1 The scenic route to Boost
      1. Just a simple girl from a simple world
      2. First job, bad hair and many lessons
      3. The adventure that was supposed to last three months
      4. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll
      5. Landing back in Oz with a thud
      6. Finding out what I’m made of
    2. 2 Natural born winners
      1. Winning people, not winning ideas
      2. Attitude matters
      3. Back yourself
    3. 3 The winning formula
      1. Working with movie stars and finding my soulmate
      2. Dormant DNA
  5. Part II Getting Your Systems in Place for World Domination
    1. 4 Growing like a weed
      1. Vision to fruition
      2. Making the decision to franchise
      3. To franchise or not to franchise …
      4. Surrounding yourself with greatness
      5. Running at full tilt
    2. 5 Structure for growth
      1. Mixing up your marketing
      2. Delegation
      3. Meetings
      4. Assumptions
      5. Respect
      6. Confrontation
      7. Money
      8. Negotiation
      9. Success
      10. Communication
      11. Customers
    3. 6 Scaling up for the win
      1. Picking the right mentor
      2. Adding a Boost to Viva
      3. Business Woman of the Year
      4. Cracks in the foundation
      5. Checking our internal cracks
      6. Hitting the wall
      7. Building a Zoo
    4. 7 Leaping into new markets
      1. A rainbow of culture
      2. Rise of a global empire
      3. Pausing to reflect
      4. How to do yourself out of a job
      5. What do I want to be when I grow up?
  6. Part III Surviving Survivor and Beyond
    1. 8 Why on Earth would I do Survivor?
      1. What have I gotten myself into?
      2. Survivor gets real
      3. The tribe swap
    2. 9 Survivor continues
      1. The blindside
      2. The day everything changed
      3. Gratitude
  7. Part IV Lessons Learned with Blood, Sweat and Tears. Literally.
    1. 10 What I wish I had known before I started years ago!
      1. Lessons from the traveller
      2. Lessons from the early days of Boost
      3. Integrity: if you ain’t got it, you got nothing
      4. Motivation — move it or lose it
      5. Passion — love what you do
      6. Confidence: tits and teeth
      7. Reputation — your greatest asset, and the hardest thing to repair
      8. Discipline — a daily battle to achieve
      9. Listening skills — the reason we have two ears and one mouth
      10. Be solution-focused — try it, it will change your life
      11. Honesty (okay, not on Survivor)
      12. Choosing your partners in crime
      13. Change how you think — yes, it can be done
      14. Fighting negativity. You can do it!
    2. 11 The power of team
      1. Picking the right bunch
      2. Firing the wrong ’uns
      3. Leaders
      4. Teamwork — business and sport … same same
      5. Relationships
      6. Protégés
    3. 12 Show me the money!
      1. Keep it in your pocket
      2. Attracting an investor
      3. Connecting with investors
      4. Mentors: you don’t have to learn the hard way!
      5. Avoiding business pitfalls
      6. What does it take to succeed?
    4. 13 The giant leap
      1. Get ready to jump
      2. Learn to love the boring stuff
      3. Still loving life
      4. Taking care of yourself and your health
      5. The secret
      6. Now what?
      7. The last words
  8. Index
  9. End User License Agreement