These two volumes are about understanding—why—and application—how—with the aim of providing guidance and introduction to both.

Quality is the consistent achievement of the user’s expectations of a product or service. The achievement needs to be “The right thing, right first time, every time, in time.” Beginning with manufacturing and services, it also includes professional, personal, and spiritual dimensions.

Variation does not sit happily with consistency and skill in handling risk and opportunity requires competence in the use of statistics, probability, and uncertainty; and needs to complement the critically essential soft dimensions of quality and the overarching and underpinning primacy of personal relationships.

There are no clear boundaries to the applicability of quality and the related processes and procedures expressed in management systems, and this is why it matters so much to show “how it applies in diverse business and social environments.” Increasingly, the acceptability of boundaries that are drawn depends on their effect on the user and the achievement of quality, and the latest standards on quality management are explicit on this key point.

Quality is everyone’s business, and there is no single professional discipline that can properly express this. Insights, knowledge, experience, best practice, tools, and techniques need to be shared across all kinds of organizational and professional boundaries, and there is no departmental boundary that can stand apart from the organization-wide commitment to quality achievement.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Chapter 13 Fundamentals of Project Management
    1. Project Management Systems
  7. Chapter 14 Cost of Quality
    1. Speaking the Language of Management
    2. Quality and the Bottom Line
  8. Chapter 15 History and Background
    1. Audit Types
    2. Role and Purpose of Audit
    3. Approaches to Audit
    4. Principles
    5. Criteria
    6. Scope
    7. Program
    8. Process
    9. An Audit or a Quality Visit
  9. Chapter 16 Awards
    1. Six Sigma
    2. Lean
  10. Chapter 17 What Is Design?
    1. Innovation
    2. Selecting for Design
    3. Design Process
    4. Validation and Verification
    5. Validation Plans and Protocols
    6. Quality Engineering—Risk and Variation
  11. Chapter 18 Accurate and Reproducible Measures
    1. Conformity Assessment
    2. Measurement Uncertainty
    3. Quality in the Test and Calibration Laboratory
    4. Quality in the Research Laboratory
  12. Chapter 19 Education
    1. Medicine and Health Care
    2. Public Sector
    3. Law
    4. Farming and Fishing
    5. Performing Arts
  13. Chapter 20 Health and Quality of Life (QOL)
    1. QOL Improvement Strategies
    2. Improving Care
    3. Preventive Care
  14. Chapter 21 Standards, Best Practice, and All Too Present Reality
    1. Resource Exploitation
    2. Corrective and Preventive Action—CAPA
    3. Judgment and Justice—Mercy and Rework
  15. Chapter 22 Ancient History
    1. Building Wider Quality Awareness
    2. Impact of World Wars
  16. Chapter 23 Financial Accountancy and Management Consulting
    1. Management and Quality Consultancy
    2. Management Cultures and Quality
    3. Empowerment in Organizations
    4. The Dark Side
  17. Chapter 24 Work and Vocation
    1. Consciousness and Spirituality
    2. Leadership and Responsibility
    3. Humility and Arrogance
    4. Quality and Holiness
    5. Love in Business
    6. Love and Service
    7. Transformation and Transcendence
    8. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    9. Teleology or What?
    10. Making All Things New!
  18. Appendices
    1. Abbreviations
    2. Key Addresses
    3. Probability Distribution Functions
    4. Examples of Opportunity and Risk Management Approaches and Their Main Uses
    5. Example Process Flowchart
    6. Example Section of Data Flow Diagram for PowerApps Documentation
    7. Example TOWS Analysis
    8. Case Studies
  19. References
  20. About the Author
  21. Index
  22. BackCover