Seek your balance from inside as you breathe in this beautiful
pose. Whether you are new to yoga or not, follow this sequence
to gain stability as you draw the muscles of your standing leg up to
allow you to stretch upward from the pelvis. Adjust your center
of gravity and spread your roots to expand in your space as
your baby grows inside you.
Rest your right knee on
the seat of a chair, join
your hands in Prayer
mudra, and align your
spine. Breathe freely.
Put your right foot on the
chair to prepare for Tree
pose. This deepens your
abdominal breathing. Stretch
up your left arm. Bend your
standing leg to deepen the
abdominal muscle stretch.
Exhale and press your right
foot against your left leg,
just above the inner knee.
Join your hands in Prayer
mudra. Gaze ahead and
breathe deeply to create
balance from inside.
Practice an easier pose confidently
rather than compromise balance in the
full pose. If you have pelvic pain, do
Steps 2 and 4 from the supported
pose in Step 1. Hold the full pose for
no longer than three breath cycles to
avoid excessive pressure on the
veins of your standing leg.
Your middle finger
guides your stretch
Keep your
knee aligned
with your foot
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Once you have gained
your stability, press your
raised foot higher up
your left inner thigh and
open out your arms,
palms facing up. Keep
adjusting your center
of gravity toward your
raised knee.
On an inhale, raise your
arms above your head. Join
your hands together in
Prayer mudra, upper arms
pressed against your ears.
As you gain confidence, try
to straighten your elbows.
Hold for three breaths, then
slowly bring your arms
down and release the leg.
Or try a walking adaptation.
Alternate your standing leg,
taking three small steps
between each side.
Return to a wide
Mountain pose with your
knees bent. Finish with an
opening feminine mudra.
Hold your joined hands,
palms down, in front of
your pubic bone. As you
exhale, open your hands
out along your thighs in an
expanding inverted V-shape.
Repeat on the left side.
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