FIGURE 1221: Selecting Save As STL on the combined body
Under the “Bodies” hierarchy in the left menu,
“twirl” the triangle next to Bodies, and right-click on
Body 1”
Select the “Save As STL” option and select “High
quality” as shown in Figure 12-21.
Congratulations! You are all set to load the model
into your 3D printer’s slicer software, generate
support structures, and print a 3D object.
In this chapter you learned how to create a ring
with a specific diameter, attach a custom sculpted
topper, and combine them together to make a fin-
ished model that is ready to export for 3D printing.
If you created a version of your own that you really
like, post it on (or another online
3D model repository) and share it with the world! In
the next chapter, we will discuss getting and fixing
models to make them print ready!
Getting Started with 3D Printing 182
181 Chapter 12: Getting Started with Fusion 360
INTERIOR_3DPrinting_v21.indd 181INTERIOR_3DPrinting_v21.indd 181 4/14/2021 3:01:04 PM4/14/2021 3:01:04 PM
One More Thing... Combining Shapes
from Meshmixer
Remember Meshmixer from the previous chapter? You can bring
the ring model into Meshmixer by importing the STL file, and then
you can add organic shapes as shown in Figure 12-22.
FIGURE 1222: Your ring with topper imported into Meshmixer with a premade bear’s head shape added.
Getting Started with 3D Printing 182
INTERIOR_3DPrinting_v21.indd 182INTERIOR_3DPrinting_v21.indd 182 4/14/2021 3:01:04 PM4/14/2021 3:01:04 PM
Getting Started with 3D Printing 184
183 Chapter 13: Getting and Fixing 3D Models
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