Thank you to all of the phenomenal contributors to both editions for pouring your hearts and minds into this project.

Thanks to the thousands of nonreligious parents who attended my workshops and talks in cities from San Francisco to Miami and Ottawa to Mexico City in the decade since the first edition was published, as well as countless virtual correspondents and blog readers. You’ve shaped and refined my understanding of nonreligious parenting better than anything else could have done. Except for the actual parenting, I suppose.

Thanks to my agent, Uwe Stender, of TriadaUS Literary Agency and the remarkable crew at AMACOM, including my patient editors: Christina Parisi for the first edition, and Ellen Kadin for the second. Thanks as well to Barry Richardson, Miranda Pennington, Beth Metrick, and Kaitlyn Sparta for improving the manuscript at various stages and in various ways.

Deepest thanks to Becca, my brilliant wife of 25 years, and Connor, Erin, and Delaney, our cool and amazing kids. They have endured with good humor something that must be galling to any kid: a parent who writes parenting books.

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