Perfect for anyone seeking to get a firm handle on their personal finances, Financial Adulting is a must-have resource that demystifies and simplifies complex topics and makes understanding personal finance fun

From the founder of The Fiscal Femme, a popular feminist money platform, and author of The 30-Day Money Cleanse, Ashley Feinstein Gerstley's Financial Adulting: Everything You Need to be a Financially Confident and Conscious Adult delivers an easy-to-follow, informative, and fun financial guide. From budgeting and consumer activism to retirement investing and paying down debt, you'll learn everything you need to know and do to be a financially savvy adult.

In this important book, you'll:

  • Master fundamental concepts, including dealing with student loans, maximizing your 401(k), and preparing for salary negotiations
  • Use a racial and feminist justice lens to tackle rarely discussed topics in money and equity and better understand deep-seated historic and systemic obstacles
  • Recognize that your circumstances, goals, and values are unique and require a custom approach in order to succeed financially
  • Receive a simple step-by-step guide to reaching your financial goals while living a big, exciting, and meaningful life

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Preface
  6. CHAPTER 1: What Is a Financial Adult?
  7. CHAPTER 2: Equity and Personal Finance
  8. CHAPTER 3: Your Money Goals
  9. CHAPTER 4: All About Income
  10. CHAPTER 5: Your Money Outflows
  11. CHAPTER 6: Consumer Activism
  12. CHAPTER 7: Work Optional (a.k.a. Retirement)
  13. CHAPTER 8: Become an Investor for Good
  14. CHAPTER 9: Buying a Home
  15. CHAPTER 10: Insurance
  16. CHAPTER 11: Tax Basics and Estate Planning
  17. CHAPTER 12: Your Credit Score
  18. CHAPTER 13: All About Debt
  19. CHAPTER 14: Become Your Own Money Coach
  20. Acknowledgments
  21. About the Author
  22. Index
  23. End User License Agreement