Book Description

Achieve success by becoming the change maker you were always meant to be. 

What is a matriarch? For one thing, you can tell she's in charge the second she walks into a room. She's bold, she's fierce, and she's got her own unique style. The matriarch isn't some crusty old lady dressed head-to-toe in black who sits at the head of the table barking demands at Sunday dinner. The modern matriarch is alive and vivacious. She's purposeful and deliberate about everything, from her career, to her home, to her family, to what she eats for lunch. She is not second guessing herself but moving herself and those she loves boldly into the future.

The matriarch’s vision for her career is as big as her love for her family, and she's paid her worth for work she's passionate about. The matriarch knows exactly what she wants the end game to be and she has the power to make it come to fruition. Simply put: she has her act together and you feel safer and more secure when you're in her presence. So, the question is, how does one become her? This book answers that question and more.

•    Recast yourself

•    Own your wins

•    Define your legacy

•    Leverage your success

Written by the CEO of a multimillion-dollar startup, The Matriarch Rules provides you with guidelines that empower you to find personal success and growth in being the compassionate, powerful, and forward-thinking woman you are.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction: Becoming a Modern Matriarch
    1. The Modern Matriarch
    2. Loved, but Not Cared For
    3. A Craving for “Normal”
    4. A Truth Moment
    5. When “Wise Counsel” Appears
    6. A Matriarch Today
  4. Chapter 1: The Matriarch Is the CEO
    1. Homeless but Not Helpless
    2. Use Your Resources
    3. Getting on Our Feet
    4. From Baby Blues to Business Partner
    5. Roles and Responsibilities of the Matriarch
  5. Chapter 2: A Matriarch's Future Is Based on Her Actions Today
    1. Take History-changing Actions
    2. Tally Your Successes and Not Your Failures
    3. Write the Story of You: A Woman Destined for Great Success
    4. Live Each Day to the Fullest, and Feel Like You Absolutely Slayed It
    5. Protect Your Dreams with Your Life!
  6. Chapter 3: The Four Big Lies
    1. Lie #1: I'll Try
    2. Lie #2: I'm Too Busy
    3. Lie #3: I Can't
    4. Lie #4: I Had No Choice
  7. Chapter 4: A Matriarch Owns Her Decisions
    1. Meet Suzie, a Woman in Need of Wise Counsel
    2. The Co-signer: Does She Co-sign Your Agenda or Her Own?
    3. Wise Counsel: She Paints the Big Picture without an Agenda
    4. Confidence Is Key
    5. Decision-making 101
  8. Chapter 5: Attention! We No Longer Work for Free!
    1. We All Want a Bigger, Better Boat and Working for Free Is Not How We'll Get It!
    2. Calling All Matriarchs! Viva la Revolution!
  9. Chapter 6: A Life and Business That's Carefully Crafted
    1. Branding: Just Do It
    2. People Are Their Own Brands
    3. Rebuilding Your Brand Based on Your Authentic Self
    4. Your Brand Aesthetic: Are You Bland or On Brand?
    5. Your Personal Style Guide
    6. Your Family Has Also Been Branded
    7. The Wedding Therapist: Finding the Starting Point for Her Business's Brand
    8. A Carefully Crafted Matriarch Business
  10. Chapter 7: Time Management and the Five Rules of Business
    1. Time Management
    2. Let's Go Make Some Money, Matriarch!
    3. Rule #1: It Starts with a Plan
    4. Rule #2: It's Got to Be Legal
    5. Rule #3: It Takes a Systematic Approach
    6. Rule #4: Marketing Is a Never-ending Process
    7. Rule #5: You've Got to Be Found on the Web
    8. Manage Your Time and Follow the Rules
  11. Chapter 8: The Payoff Is Personal
    1. Confidence Can Overcome an Old Message
    2. Confidence, Meet Systems and Tools
    3. Passion: A Strong and Barely Controllable Emotion
    4. Inspiration and Motivation
    5. Maintaining Motivation
    6. Pressure Is How Diamonds Are Made
    7. A Matriarch Maintains and Protects What She Builds
    8. Make NOT Having These F.E.A.R.S. Your Biggest Fears
  12. Chapter 9: A Matriarch Leaves a Great Legacy
    1. What Exactly Is a Legacy?
    2. Leaving a Legacy Whether You Like It or Not …
    3. My Mom, Shari …
    4. A Matriarch Lives an Intentional Life
    5. A Matriarch Cultivates an Inner Sanctum
    6. A Matriarch Gives and Takes
    7. A Matriarch Rocks Out to Her Own Soundtrack
    8. A Matriarch Knows Her Language Is Her Legacy
    9. A Matriarch Switches Gears When Necessary
    10. Live Like a Matriarch and Leave a Legacy Worthy of a Matriarch!
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  14. Index
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