Build your own Internet of Things (IoT) projects for prototyping and proof-of-concept purposes.Updated for the Raspberry Pi 4 and other recent boards, this book contains the tools needed to build a prototype of your design, sense the environment, communicate with the Internet (over the Internet and Machine to Machine communications) and display the results.

Raspberry Pi IoT Projects, 2nd Edition provides several IoT projects and designs shown from the start to the finish including an IoT Heartbeat Monitor, an IoT Swarm, IoT Solar Powered Weather Station, an IoT iBeacon Application and a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) IoT Inventory Tracking System.    

The software is presented as reusable libraries, primarily in Python and C with full source code available, making this version a valuable learning resource for classrooms and learning labs.  

What You'll Learn
  • Create IOT projects with the Raspberry Pi
  • Talk to sensors with the Raspberry Pi
  • Use iBeacons with the IOT Raspberry Pi
  • Communicate your IOT data to the Internet
  • Build security into your IOT device
Who This Book Is For

Primary audience are those with some technical background, but not necessarily engineers. It will also appeal to technical people wanting to learn about the Raspberry Pi in a project-oriented method. 

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Front Matter
  3. 1. Introduction to IoT
  4. 2. Sensing Your IoT Environment
  5. 3. Building an IoT Weather Station
  6. 4. Changing Your Environment with IoT and iBeacons
  7. 5. Connecting an IoT Device to a Cloud Server: IoTPulse
  8. 6. Using IoT for RFID and MQTT and the Raspberry Pi
  9. 7. Computer Security and the IoT
  10. Back Matter