Preface to Handbooks of Communication Science series


Tim P. Vos


John Nerone

2Journalism history

IFoundations of the Field

Thomas Hanitzsch

3Roles of Journalists

Stephen J. A. Ward

4Epistemologies of Journalism

Patrick Lee Plaisance

5Journalism Ethics

IIConceptualizing the Field

Tamara Witschge and Frank Harbers

6Journalism as Practice

Wilson Lowrey

7Journalism as Institution

Brian McNair

8Journalism as Public Sphere

Carolyn Kitch

9Journalism as Memory

IIITheorizing the Field

Wayne Wanta and Mariam Alkazemi

10Journalism as Agenda Setting

Paul D’Angelo and Donna Shaw

11Journalism as Framing

Edson C. Tandoc Jr.

12Journalism as Gatekeeping

IVJournalism via the Disciplines

Valerie Belair-Gagnon and Matthias Revers

13The Sociology of Journalism

Robert G. Picard

14The Economics of Journalism and News Provision

Anthony Mills and Katharine Sarikakis

15Politics and Policies of Journalism and Free Press

Angela Phillips

16The Technology of Journalism

Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. and Alina Rafikova

17Journalism and Geography

VThe Journalism Ecology

Jane B. Singer

18Entrepreneurial Journalism

An Nguyen and Salvatore Scifo

19Mapping the Citizen News Landscape: Blurring Boundaries, Promises, Perils, and Beyond

Ryan J. Thomas

20Advocacy Journalism

Stephanie Craft

21Documentary Journalism

Folker Hanusch

22Lifestyle Journalism

VIThe Issues of Journalism

Beverly Horvit, Carlos A. Cortés-Martínez and Kimberly Kelling

23Journalism, War, and Peace

Cherian George

24Journalism, Censorship, and Press Freedom

Kari Karppinen

25Journalism, Pluralism, and Diversity

Cristina Mislán

26Journalism, Gender, and Race

Annika Sehl

27Journalism, Audiences and Community Engagement


Henrik Örnebring

28Journalism and Change

François Heinderyckx

29The Future of Journalism Scholarship

Biographical sketches


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