I sincerely thank my graduate student Ebru Kurcer, MBA, for her unwavering effort and dedication to the MBA program and her related research. Ebru faced the research challenges a topic of this nature required and created opportunities to achieve an exceptional experience. Ebru’s persistent patience, wit, undisputed sense of humor, motivation, and a guiding light, showed the way on this journey of research and writing of her thesis. A daunting task but doable. She achieved a new level of commitment, a can do attitude that transcended work and career.

I kindly thank my MBA Professor, Milan Frankl, who had given me this wonderful opportunity to transform my thesis project into a book that would enlighten many people in the field of finance. Professor Frankl’s positive attitude and experiences in the field helped me to overcome any kind of obstacles along the way.

I also would like to thank all the people who have given me their time and knowledge on this particular subject that helped broaden my vision.

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