Book Description

Whether you're dreaming about your first journey, revisiting the trip of a lifetime or simply in love with all things Japan, Be More Japan will transport you to this fascinating country.

Dive into the thrilling and serene world of Shinto monks, street food vendors, anime characters, Okinawan centenarians, technological innovators, J-Pop megastars, ancient philosophers, onsen dwellers and so many more.

There are so many ways to fall in love with Japan. It's home to one of the world's most unique cultures: a perfectly balanced celebration of past traditions; the vibrancy of now and the need to look fearlessly into the future.

From architecture to martial arts; from ramen to robots; kawaii to Kusama; ikigai to ikebana; towering skyscrapers to shrines - Be More Japan uncovers the art and creativity behind modern Japanese living through its kaleidoscope of contrasting places, people and practices.

With beautiful design throughout and with each page alive with facts, history and inspiration, Be More Japan invites you to absorb a little Japanese wisdom into your daily life.

Table of Contents

  1. COVER
  3. Introduction
  4. Welcome to Japan
    1. On the Map
    2. Spring
    3. Summer
    4. Fall
    5. Winter
    6. First Encounters
    7. History
    8. Japan Around the World
  5. A View of Japan
    1. On the Map
    2. Cityscapes
    3. Focus on Manhole Covers
    4. Rural Japan
    5. Mountains
    6. Focus on Mount Fuji
    7. Island Diversity
  6. Timeless Japan
    1. On the Map
    2. Shinto
    3. Buddhism
    4. Focus on Fortunes and Charms
    5. Seven Lucky Gods
    6. Aesthetics and Design
    7. Focus on Ikebana
    8. Traditional Homes
    9. Gardens
    10. Focus on Bonsai
    11. Painting
    12. Woodblock Prints
    13. Ceramics
    14. Decorative Crafts
    15. Focus on Origami
    16. Calligraphy
  7. Innovative Japan
    1. On the Map
    2. Engineering Marvels
    3. Gadgets
    4. Focus on Robot Evolution
    5. Video Games
    6. Soundscapes
  8. Creative Japan
    1. On the Map
    2. Trends in Architecture
    3. Modern Style
    4. Contemporary Art
    5. Kawaii
    6. Fashion
    7. Literature
    8. Manga and Anime
    9. Focus on The Evolution of a Manga Series
  9. Entertaining japan
    1. On the Map
    2. Japanese Theatre
    3. Focus on The Kabuki Experience
    4. A Geisha’s World
    5. Japanese Music
    6. Focus on The Ultimate Pop Idols
    7. Nightlife
    8. Otaku Japan
    9. Focus on Otaku Districts
    10. Japan on Screen
    11. Focus on Japanese Cinema
    12. Sports
    13. Focus on Martial Arts
  10. Edible Japan
    1. On the Map
    2. Sushi and Sashimi
    3. Noodles
    4. Rice
    5. Regional Food
    6. Focus on Kaiseki-ryori
    7. Snacks
    8. Focus on Wagashi
    9. Tea
    10. Focus on Tea Ceremony
    11. Whisky
    12. Sake
  11. Healthy Japan
    1. On the Map
    2. Hot Springs
    3. Focus on Enjoying the Onsen
    4. Diet, Exercise, and Longevity
    5. Pilgrimages and Pathways
    6. Focus on The Yoshida Trail
    7. Japanese Philosophies to Live By
  12. Acknowledgments
  13. Copyright