Book Description

  • The authoritative, in-depth guide to the new Bluetooth 1.1 specification

  • Bluetooth 1.1's dramatic improvements in interoperability and reliability

  • Includes thoroughly revised coverage of Bluetooth security and power conservation

  • New Bluetooth profiles–including the long-awaited Personal Area Networking profile!

The first complete guide to the new Bluetooth 1.1 wireless specification! The Bluetooth specification has been updated to deliver dramatic improvements in both reliability and interoperability. Bluetooth 1.1: Connect Without Cables, Second Edition updates the industry's #1 Bluetooth guide to cover these critical new enhancements–and to offer detailed guidance on every aspect of Bluetooth 1.1 development. Bluetooth SIG committee members Jennifer Bray and Charles Sturman place Bluetooth 1.1 in context, covering markets, applications, complementary technologies, key development issues, and explaining every goal of the new release. They review the components of a Bluetooth system, explain how Bluetooth connections work, introduce essential concepts such as piconets and scatternets, and cover the Bluetooth protocol stack in detail from top to bottom.
  • Interoperability between 1.0b and 1.1

  • Details of 1.1 improvements with explanations of the reasons behind each change

  • Important changes to Bluetooth low-power modes, encryption, and authentication

  • Bridging Ethernet and Bluetooth with Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol

  • How to use Universal Plug and Play with the Bluetooth protocol stack

  • Profiles which will bring new products including: Human Interface Devices, Hands-Free Phone usage, Basic Printing, Basic Imaging, and Hard Copy Cable Replacement

  • Technologies used by Bluetooth: OBEX, WAP, GSM TS07.10, UPnP, Q.931, and UUIDs

  • Comparison of related technologies: DECT, IrDA, Home RF, HiperLAN, and 802.11

Whether you're experienced with V.1.0 or working with Bluetooth for the first time, Bluetooth 1.1: Connect Without Cables, Second Edition is your definitive resource for building interoperable, reliable wireless applications–right now!

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. Foreward to the Second Edition
  6. Foreward to the First Edition
  7. Preface to the Second Editon
  8. Preface to the First Editon
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Introduction
  11. 1 Overview
  12. Protocol Stack Part 1—The Bluetooth Module
    1. 2 Antennas
    2. 3 Radio
    3. 4 Baseband
    4. 5 The Link Controller
    5. 6 Audio
    6. 7 The Link Manager
    7. 8 The Host Controller Interface
  13. Protocol Stack Part 2—The Bluetooth Host
    1. 9 Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol
    2. 10 RFCOMM
    3. 11 The Service Discovery Protocol
    4. 12 The Wireless Application Protocol
    5. 13 OBEX and IrDA
    6. 14 Telephony Control Protocol
  14. Protocol Stack Part 3—Cross Layer Functions
    1. 15 Encryption and Security
    2. 16 Low-Power Operation
    3. 17 Quality of Service
    4. 18 Managing Bluetooth Devices
  15. Applications—The Bluetooth Profiles
    1. 19 Foundation Profiles
    2. 20 Draft Post – Foundation Profiles
    3. 21 Personal Area Networking
    4. 22 ESDP for UPnP
  16. Test and Qualification
    1. 23 Test Mode
    2. 24 Qualification and Type Approval
  17. Bluetooth in Context
    1. 25 Implementation
    2. 26 Related Standards and Technologies
    3. 27 The Bluetooth Market
    4. 28 Future Developments
  18. Appendix—Bluetooth 1.1 Updates
  19. Glossary
  20. References
  21. Index
  22. About the Author