Elastic waves are used in fields as diverse as the non-destructive evaluation of materials, medicine, seismology and telecommunications. 

Elastic Waves in Solids 2 analyzes the radiation, scattering and generation of these waves. It studies the emission of bulk or surface waves from sources localized on the surface of an isotropic or anisotropic solid. It then examines the scattering of a longitudinal or transverse elastic wave by one or more cylindrical or spherical heterogeneities. Finally, it explores the methods and devices used to generate and detect elastic waves, using the piezoelectric effect or the interaction with a laser beam. Accompanying figures illustrate these properties, and the text provides the orders of magnitude of some characteristic parameters. This book is intended for students completing a master’s degree in acoustics, mechanics, geophysics or engineering, as well as teachers and researchers in these disciplines.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Preface
  5. List of Main Symbols
  6. 1 Radiation of Elastic Waves
  7. 2 Scattering of Elastic Waves
  8. 3 Generation and Detection
  9. Appendix 1: Developments in Cylindrical and Spherical Harmonics
  10. Appendix 2: Matrix Representation of a Dioptric System
  11. References
  12. Index
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