Book Description

Learn how to get started with robotics programming using Robot Operation System (ROS). Targeted for absolute beginners in ROS, Linux, and Python, this short guide shows you how to build your own robotics projects.

ROS is an open-source and flexible framework for writing robotics software. With a hands-on approach and sample projects, Robot Operating System for Absolute Beginners will enable you to begin your first robot project. You will learn the basic concepts of working with ROS and begin coding with ROS APIs in both C++ and Python.

What You’ll Learn
  • Install ROS
  • Review fundamental ROS concepts
  • Work with frequently used commands in ROS
  • Build a mobile robot from scratch using ROS

Who This Book Is For

Absolute beginners with little to no programming experience looking to learn robotics programming.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Frontmatter
  3. 1. Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux for Robotics
  4. 2. Fundamentals of C++ for Robotics Programming
  5. 3. Fundamentals of Python for Robotics Programming
  6. 4. Kick-Starting Robot Programming Using ROS
  7. 5. Programming with ROS
  8. 6. Robotics Project Using ROS
  9. Backmatter